WAC-ENC joins a group of non-partisan organizations open to all who wish to join. The World Affairs Council system has 484,000 participants and 28 affiliated organizations, nationwide. It reaches over 20 million people each year through its 2,500 events, radio, TV, and school programs.

Councils offer international exchanges, school programs, teacher workshops, foreign policy discussions, national opinion polling, travel programs, journals, newspaper columns, and local radio and television programs.

Flagship programs of the World Affairs Councils of America include Great Decisions, World Quest, and Academic World Quest (AWQ).

We hope that as information about WAC-ENC is shared throughout Eastern NC, this organization will also grow and further help to develop similar linkages between our higher educational institutions, schools, businesses, and local community groups, highlighting what Eastern NC has to offer to the world.

This organization was incorporated in January 2006, in Greenville, North Carolina. It is a not-for-profit 501 (C) 3 organization that provides opportunities for citizen-to-citizen diplomacy, promotes understanding of world affairs and supports the local community to develop awareness of international education, culture, and business.

Upcoming Events

Great Decisions: January 19-March 9,  2013

ECU and WAC sponsor the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions Program. The program runs eight consecutive Saturday mornings at the beginning of the calendar year. It consists of a series of lecture by academic and professional experts.