What is WordPress?

Word Press is an open source web application designed to be a tool for creating and publishing blogs. It is a platform that performs the role of an interactive website, with comments and activity tracking allowed (if you choose). Think of WordPress as a collection of information, discourse, content, discussions, and more. It allows users to create both static and dynamic web pages. WordPress can be utilized for course information, an event web page(s), a blog providing detailed instructions, or a course site for students. WordPress can also be used for departments and groups to share information and updates on departmental projects.

More Educational Uses:

  • static websites
  • interactive websites
  • tutorials, conferences, clubs, etc.
  • group activities

Information For Students, Faculty, Staff

WordPress features one of the most user-friendly content management systems around. Uploading photos and video is as simple as dragging and dropping, and sorting content into different verticals is as easy as checking a box. To activate extra tools like calendars or comment moderation, just click “Widgets” under Appearance on the dashboard’s tool bar.

With the settings options, WP sites can be made available to everyone, can be searchable (i.e., Google search), or restricted with a password.

Every WordPress site can be made mobile-ready with a click, which means students and faculty accessing your site using a phone or tablet will see a mobile-optimized version.

To request a WordPress site, submit a Help Ticket. Please 1) include the name of your proposed site and 2) the username(s) of those who will have the role of administrator.