Yammer in the Classroom

Did you know that Yammer is a great way to kickstart conversation inside and outside the classroom?  How?

Inside the Classroom 

  • Live question and answer session
  • Use for quick group work projects
  • Distribute content using the “Files” area
  • Wiki group work using the “Pages” option

Outside the Classroom

  • Pre class discussion
  • FAQ location for course related question
  • Peer to peer interaction
  • Course file sharing
  • Live discussion / “chat”

If you are interested in using Yammer in the classroom please email longm@ecu.edu

Introducing Yammer

What’s Yammer?

Yammer is ECU’s internal communication platform.  It allows for conversation, questions and collaboration within a private ECU social network.  Yammer has been described as Facebook + Twitter for the enterprise.  Think in terms of using Yammer to ask the network participants questions, share what you are doing and share your ideas.

Yammer can be accessed using your ECU username and password and offers web access, desktop apps and mobile apps for reading, reviewing and posting.  Click Here to login to start using Yammer.

Things to know about Yammer

Yammer is made up a network and many groups.  The network is accessible and viewable by anyone with a working ECU email address.  This includes all faculty, staff and students.  Knowing this, we created a private group that only includes all faculty and staff.  So, this is where the majority of the faculty and staff conversation should take place.  We want to separate  faculty and staff conversations from faculty,staff and student conversations.  Once you have logged into Yammer look on the left-hand side of the page.  In the GROUPS area you will see a ” Faculty and Staff ” group.  Click inside this for faculty and staff group to participate in the conversation.

Learn about Yammer

Yammer Support Videos

Yammer Company Videos – These are official company Yammer videos. All are short and to the point.  Definitely worth a watch.


YamJam on Sept 16th 8-5pm

Are you a member of the Yammer community?  Would you like to help us come up with some focused topics to discuss?  If so, please consider participating in a YamJam we are hosting on the Sept 16th from 8-5pm.
“What would you like to talk about on Yammer?   On September 16th from 8-5pm we are going to have a “YamJam”.  A YamJam is simply a date and time in which a certain topic is discussed. Since we don’t want to assume we know what you are interested in discussing, our first YamJam will be about potential topics of interest.  As you post topics please add #yamjam to the end of your post.  This will allow others to track this #hashtag as the discussion expands.  When you see an idea you like, please choose the “LIKE” button at the bottom of the post.  This is your way of giving the submitted idea a “thumbs up”.  The best thing about Yammer is it allows everyone to be heard, everyone to have a voice!   Here is one example of how a YamJam was used recently by the Head of Transport Operations at Brighton & Hove City Council. http://bit.ly/aehylY

Video Explanation – http://www.vimeo.com/14858258

Here is how to participate.

1 – Login to Yammer and simply post your idea(s).  Add the hashtag #yamjam to your post.  E.G.  ” I would like to discuss online course quality. #yamjam ”

2 – If you do not have an account on Yammer yet simply go to http://yammer.com and add your ECU email address. You will be sent simple instructions on  how to create your account.  It will only take about a minute to get up and running.

3 – If you see a topic that you like click the “LIKE” button to vote below below the post.  This is you saying ” I like this idea “

What’s a YamJam ?

Yammer can be using in hundreds of ways to increase conversation and collaboration across a given network.  One of the most interesting examples is what’s called a “YamJam” .  A YamJam is simply a planned conversation based around predetermined topics at a planned time. 

This idea has unlimited possibilities that range from the classroom to the university network.   A YamJam might be used to brainstorm an idea in a course chapter or it could be used for community feedback on larger university issues like budget or planning.   If you are interested in planning a YamJam within your unit or classroom please send me a message at longm@ecu.edu or call me at 252-328-9866.

Lastly, take a look at this Yammer blogpost about a successful YamJam by the  head of Transport Operations at Brighton & Hove City Council.  Here is the link.  —–>  YamJam Blog Post.


Yammer Passes 1 million users

Yammer just announced that it passed 1 million users.  Good news!  The company’s financials  seems to be headed in the right direction.  It’s always important to keep an eye on this kind of information since many of these 2.0 companies don’t really have a realistic business plan for longterm success. Once the VC money goes away so does the company.

Here is the article from Venture Beat.   – http://social.venturebeat.com/2010/07/20/yammer-1-million-users/

Yammer Tips

Each week I will be blogging about a yammer tip to make your life a bit easier in Yammer.  These tricks will consist of how to more effectively use Yammer, uses of Yammer and a review of any new Yammer features as they are added.  If you have a question about Yammer (what it can do, what it can’t do) please just leave a comment and I will reply back.

Here is a list of the Yammer Tips I have already added.  In Yammer search for #yammertips.


And we are off…..
Welcome to the ECU Yammer Pilot blog.  I will be blogging from this site 1-2 times a week about ECU’s Yammer Pilot, Tips and Tricks and anything else Yammer related.  This site is still a work in progress and I hope to add the finishing touches over the next couple of days.  If you have any suggestions at all please feel free to add a comment.  All blog posts will be “pushed” to the ECU Yammer feed.