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YamJam on Sept 16th 8-5pm

Are you a member of the Yammer community?  Would you like to help us come up with some focused topics to discuss?  If so, please consider participating in a YamJam we are hosting on the Sept 16th from 8-5pm.
“What would you like to talk about on Yammer?   On September 16th from 8-5pm we are going to have a “YamJam”.  A YamJam is simply a date and time in which a certain topic is discussed. Since we don’t want to assume we know what you are interested in discussing, our first YamJam will be about potential topics of interest.  As you post topics please add #yamjam to the end of your post.  This will allow others to track this #hashtag as the discussion expands.  When you see an idea you like, please choose the “LIKE” button at the bottom of the post.  This is your way of giving the submitted idea a “thumbs up”.  The best thing about Yammer is it allows everyone to be heard, everyone to have a voice!   Here is one example of how a YamJam was used recently by the Head of Transport Operations at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Video Explanation –

Here is how to participate.

1 – Login to Yammer and simply post your idea(s).  Add the hashtag #yamjam to your post.  E.G.  ” I would like to discuss online course quality. #yamjam ”

2 – If you do not have an account on Yammer yet simply go to and add your ECU email address. You will be sent simple instructions on  how to create your account.  It will only take about a minute to get up and running.

3 – If you see a topic that you like click the “LIKE” button to vote below below the post.  This is you saying ” I like this idea “