Yammer Support

What’s Yammer?

Yammer is ECU’s internal communication platform.  It allows for conversion, questions and collaboration within a private ECU social network.  Yammer has been described as Facebook + Twitter for the enterprise.  Think in terms of using Yammer to ask the network participants questions, share what you are doing and share your ideas.

Yammer can be accessed using your ECU username and password and offers web access, desktop apps and mobile apps for reading, reviewing and posting.  Click Here to login to start using Yammer.

Things to know about Yammer

Yammer is made up a network and many groups.  The network is accessible and viewable by anyone with a working ECU email address.  This includes all faculty, staff and students.  Knowing this, we created a private group that only includes all faculty and staff.  So, this is where the majority of the faculty and staff conversation should take place.  We want to separate  faculty and staff conversations from faculty,staff and student conversations.  Once you have logged into Yammer look on the left-hand side of the page.  In the GROUPS area you will see a ” Faculty and Staff ” group.  Click inside this for faculty and staff group to participate in the conversation.

Learn about Yammer

Yammer Support Videos

Yammer Company Videos – These are official company Yammer videos. All are short and to the point.  Definitely worth a watch.