• Lisa Raho

    I enjoy working with all of the participants for the research study. If you are interested please reach out and contact myself or Dr. Zhou!

  • Lixue dong

    Glad to see Dr. Zhou’s lab website. It’s well designed and very informative.

  • Don Brockett

    This is LONG overdue. I’ve been working with Dr. Ning Zhou as a cochlear implant test participant for something like 5 years, first at U of MI, and now at ECU. Professor Zhou (Ning) is now my good friend, as well as my very capable test administrator. She has evolved a VERY long way over the years — and I’m happy to say, she still has a great deal of potential to work with. Besides an excellent research mind, she is an extremely pleasant, caring, and thoughtful person. My basis of comparison is broad — I’ve worked as a CI test subject for about 10 years at 6 universities. I heartily encourage anyone who has a cochlear implant to contact Ning to see if you fit the mold of what is needed for test subjects. I think you’ll be VERY pleasantly surprised — and you will gain a great deal from your participation in the research.

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