CSDI 8011 Advanced Acoustics

This course provides an overview of the fundamental theories of signals and systems with applications to hearing and speech sciences. Topics include time and frequency domain characterizations of signals and of systems, analyses of signals through systems, impulse responses, time/frequency relations, spectrograms, ear as a system, acoustic theories of speech production and perception.

CSDI 8031 Auditory processing of speech stimuli (elective)

The course focuses on the auditory physiological and psychophysical aspects of speech perception. Topics include physiological correlates of speech percepts, neural specialization for speech, separation of acoustic events, functional imaging of auditory processing, speech perception in impaired auditory systems.

CSDI 8033 Cochlear Implant Technology & Research

To be offered in Fall 2017

CSDI 8015 Instrumentation and Calibration (no longer offered)

This course provides an overview of instrumentation used for hearing science research and clinical testing in audiology and calibration of equipment and test stimuli. Topics include basic electrical circuits, digital signal processing, instrumentation safety, audio and testing equipment, audio software, and calibration.