Lawson’s first experiences in Melbourne

We’re finally here! The countdown for this trip had me very excited but once we touched down I found that rush of adrenaline and can’t seem to slow down.  What a trip it has been already, being able to attend my first AFL game (which i didn’t really know the sport existed before this summer), experiencing the markets and being able to explore a foreign country with my fellow students and professors.  One of the biggest things I have noticed about this city and I think makes it such a pleasant and attractive place to be is the diversity in all aspects; from the local population, the architecture,the food etc…  There is a wide variety of styles of architecture from old historic buildings to the modern day sky scrapers that dominate the skyline.  Today I had the amazing experience of going to the Eureka Tower and going into their famous attraction called the edge and boy were my nerves were on edge the whole time being in the glass box and floored room almost 300 meters up in the air. Luckily for me the thrill experience didn’t last too long and we made it back down to earth unharmed.  Melbourne has some very awesome attractions and the street performers  took that edge off right away.  The elmo playing bagpipes and the funky bunny rocking some RHCP were some of the highlights for me on the free day, I could have done without seeing the strange Marionette guy controlling the skeleton singer though.  Over the past three days I have been very impressed with Melbourne and can understand why so many people from all over the world travel here and end up coming back to make it home.