Removing Bb Enrollments in collapsed sections

Issue: Blackboard Enrollments in Collapsed Sections


Blackboard is currently experiencing an issue dropping enrollments within course sites that consist of collapsed course sections.  We have escalated the ticket with the vendor to the highest level and hope to have a resolution in hand today.  If you want to hand add or hand remove users from your course while we work on this issue the instructions are below. Thank you for your patience.
NOTE: We are also aware that in some circumstances student users that are removed show back up moments after the removal.  This issue is tied to the original problem of drops not dropping.


Directions on how to removing a student

  1. Move to the Control Panel
  2. Click Users and Groups
  3. Click Users
  4. Find and “check” the user. Click the DELETE USER option .  Search by USERNAME and “NOT BLANK” to view all enrollments.delete




5 – If you do not see the user at first glance you can do a quick search. Be sure to select USERNAME and CONTAINS. Then, add the user id. Once the user search brings up the student select the student and click REMOVE USERS FROM COURSE.







Add Users

  1. Control Panel
  2. Click Users and Groups
  3. Click Users
  4. Click FIND USERS TO ENROLL and add the student email idadd_user
  5. Click SUBMIT