Blackboard – Summer 2016 New Features

New Features:

Announcement Date Restriction Default – When creating an announcement, “Not Date Restricted” is now selected by default.

Escaping Special Characters – When a user uploads a file to Learn and the filename contains special characters (such as / \ : ? * ” < > | ), the system replaces the special character with an underscore ( _ ).

Reply-to Header – This release fixes an issue with email sent from Learn. Some email clients do not use the reply-to header of emails sent by BbLearn to populate the “To:” field when the user replies to an email. As a result, some students were confused when they received email from do-not-reply@<bblearn_domain> instead of their instructor’s email address.

Browser Support – Learn 9.1 now supports the Microsoft Edge browser. Some new browser releases no longer support NPAPI plugins. Without these plugins, some Learn features may not render correctly. More on browser support

HTML5 Support – The Content Editor now supports HTML5 Audio and Video playback in Chrome and Edge browsers.

Updates to Current Features

Discussion Threads  – Users can navigate from thread to thread without having to return to the main Discussions page. More info here.

Accessibility Updates

Discussion Boards – orum descriptions are read on the Create Thread page. This improves accessibility for users with screen reader technologies. More info here.

Assessments – When creating a hot spot question, an Image Alternate text box is now available. This improves accessibility for users. More info here.

Content Editor – The default heading size for all of the embedded headings has been increased so they are properly read in both the view and edit state in the Content Editor. More info here.

Bug Fixes