Making a Spring 2019 Course Available

Due to a technical issue this morning, Blackboard courses were made unavailable. If you are using Blackboard, you must make your courses available again.  Students have been notified about this issue.   

There are two options to make courses available:

 Option 1. Control Panel / Customization / Properties / Set Availability to YES. / Click Submit.

 Option 2. Look for the Lock icon in the top right corner of your Blackboard course. You must be in a content area to access the Lock icon. Click the lock icon to unlock the course and make the course available.

Please note that you will still need to update your course title to reflect the sections that are merged together.  

Merged Course Titles

If you merged course sections this semester, you will need to update the course title to reflect the merged sections.

 Control Panel / Customization / Properties. Update the course title to reflect the sections that are merged. / Click Submit


Got a question?  Please contact the helpdesk.