In response to the senseless massacre of of nine African American men and women at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC on June 17, 2015, historians, Chad Williams, Kidada Williams and Keisha Blain have rallied a community of scholars, activists, students and intellectuals through the power of social media to generate a list of essential readings to educate the public and raise the consciousness of the world about the socio-historical context that serves as a backdrop for understanding what happened in Charleston within the broader landscape of contemporary race relations in American society.  The #Charlestonsyllabus and the work that these scholars have done to create greater awareness reminds us of the ways in which work in the field of African and African American Studies is deeply invested in shaping transformative conversations about race and racism, Black life, injustice and power.  Click here to check out the #Charlestonsyllabus.

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