06/05/2013  NIH ANNOUNCES  New Application Kits REQUIRED for submissions on/after Sept. 25th, 2013.  See the detailed changes being made at NIH Application Kit Changes.FormsC

The contents of this page are arranged alphabetically by subject headers (in orange) with specific documents listed directly under the heading.

Application Kits and Checklists:  The partially complete application kits below are ONLY usable for unsolicited applications.  If you are submitting an application to the NIH in response to a specific PA or RFA, you must download that specific application kit from the web site.

NIH Guidance for Preparing a Research Proposal:  The outlines below are brief guides to putting an application together, i.e. focus, page recommendations and other suggestions.

NIH Page Limits Table:  This table identifies the page limits for all sections of an NIH proposal and covers most NIH grant mechanisms, i.e., R01, R03, R15, etc.

NIHProposalOutline-12pages:  For R01, R10, R15, R18, R21/33, R24, R33, R34, DP3, G08, G11, G13, SC1, X01

NIHProposalOutline-6 pages:  For R03, R13, R21, R36, SC2, SC3

NIH R01 Checklist

NIH R03Small Grant Checklist


NIH R21 PreAward Checklist

Peer Review