$5 Halloween Costumes!

Happy Halloweekend!

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! The creativity in the costumes are endless as is the candy that I will be consuming. Halloween in college is unlike any experience (especially at ECU), but it’s hard to have a cute and creative costume when you only have $5 to your name. Before you buy anything, look around your closet, your roommates closet (with permission of course) and ask friends what you can borrow! Here’s a few DIY costume ideas for $5 or less!


What you’ll need: oversized yellow shirt or dress, sharpie, green headband, green construction paper.

What you do: Lay out your shirt/dress and begin drawing several v’s all over. For the headband, cut out some strips of green paper and glue them to the headband.

TIP: If you don’t want to be a pineapple, you can be literally any fruit in the world by simply changing the color of your shirt/dress and switching up the markings. The fruity possibilities are endless!

http://studiodiy.com/2013/10/28/diy-pineapple-costume/ (inspo)


What you’ll need: A robe, black shorts or leggings, black t-shirt or sports bra, tennis shoes, yellow/gold construction paper, gauze (preferably black)

What you do: put on all the clothing items, wrap the gauze around your hands as if you were preparing to use them for gloves. Cut out a circle from your gold/yellow paper and write “Champ” big and bold, then tie it/tape it to your pants.

https://www.babble.com/style/21-diy-costumes-adults-can-rock-this-halloween/#your-girlfriend-stabbed-me-in-the-back-with-lefty-scissors (inspo)


What you’ll need: white t shirt, jeans, suspenders, tennis shoes/loafers, glasses, optional: tie, braces made of tin foil, books.

What you do: Just put everything together and you’re a nerd! Carry the books around in a book bag for added effect (plus more storage for all of your candy)!

http://www.costumemodels.com/homemade-nerd-costume-ideas (inspo)


What you’ll need: a white dress/white shirt and pants, white shoes, glitter, white headband, cardboard, white paint or spray paint, hot glue.

What you do: cut out wings from the cardboard and spray/paint them white, and add glitter to your liking. Once the wings are dry, hot glue them to the back of your dress/shirt. Add glitter to your headband to make it look more like a halo, and feel free to just pour glitter all over yourself. Angel’s shine!


What you’ll need: Some kind of crochet shirt or dress, flair pants or a skirt, wedges or flip flops, round sunglasses, flowers, colorful jewelry.

What you do: Simply put everything together and you’re a hippie! Add the flowers to your hair or on to your outfit.

Don’t break the bank this Halloween on a bagged costume. DIY costumes are so much more fun, plus they’re one of a kind and fun to make! Want more idea’s? Check some pretty unique and cool one’s out here:¬†http://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Cheap-Homemade-Halloween-Costumes-20064402#photo-20064402


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