Why Should You Get Your Master’s Degree in Education?

Update: Interest in the MAEd program has been quite strong!
We now anticipate forming two cohorts starting in Summer 2017. 

For more information, contact Dr. Carol Greene at greeneh@ecu.edu or 252-328-5316.

In recent years in NC, it has been harder than ever to feel appreciated as teachers. With little to no pay raises for many of the last ten years, and with the pay raise for having a master’s degree removed by our state legislature, many teachers have forgone doing advanced study or earning a master’s degree. This is unfortunate because we know that teachers with advanced educations are not only good for our students, but an advanced education is good for our teachers as well.

How does advanced study benefit you? In most states, there is a financial benefit to having an advanced degree in education. Our legislature will undoubtedly change over the years, maybe very soon with this upcoming election. It is also likely that, sooner or later, the pay incentive for advanced degrees will be reinstated and that financial benefit will return. Teachers with their masters degree in hand will be at the front of the line for those pay increases. But, aside from financial benefits, having an advanced degree offers many other benefits as well.

Educational researchers are continually adding to the knowledge base we have of effective instructional strategies and new ways to meet the needs of new generations of learners. As teachers, we must keep current in order to have the most impact on our students. Perhaps this is the best benefit that comes from obtaining your master’s degree – the additional skills and content knowledge you will gain as you become not just a licensed teacher, but an expert in your field. With advanced study, you will become a leader among your colleagues and earn respect among your peers.

Advanced study also gives you a more complex view of your profession and the educational decisions you make on a daily basis. Learning at the graduate level will provide you with a more in depth knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of your practical choices, making you a stronger problem solver and reflective practitioner. You will see how theory applies in practice and be able to make informed choices of instructional strategies, knowing which one is the best choice for your students because you understand how these strategies work for varying learners.

Earning your advanced degree will make you a leader in the field. In the current political climate we are working under, we need leaders who can advocate for the needs and the best interests of our students and schools. We need leaders who know what is best for the students they teach and who will be advocates for those students. We need teacher leaders who will lead our next generation through the advancements, challenges, and opportunities of the 21st century. Are you that teacher?

Come learn about our MAEd program in Elementary Education at East Carolina University, recently ranked in the top ten teacher education programs in the nation by teacher.org! We have an exciting new opportunity beginning this Summer 2017 for a one-year cohort in Elementary Education focusing on the Teacher as Leader.  This degree will not only enhance your classroom practice and pedagogical skills, but it will also serve as a stepping stone to positions of leadership in your schools or district.

We are looking for 20 of the best and the brightest to join this special cohort. You will earn your master’s degree in only one year! Tuition support packages, scholarships, and graduate assistantships are available to top students. Hurry! Space is limited. For more information, contact Dr. Carol Greene at greeneh@ecu.edu or 252-328-5316. Come check us out and start building your future today!