Strengthening Social and Emotional Development With Sanford

East Carolina University College of Education was invited to join the Sanford Education Collaborative (SEC), a network of universities committed to expanding a nationwide movement to create a new paradigm for Pre-K–6 teaching excellence and student achievement.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist T. Denny Sanford has funded many different philanthropic causes and he noted that “few have been as satisfying as seeing the way Sanford Harmony brings people together on so many levels, from universities to schools, teachers and parents.” In partnership with ECU he is now providing the Sanford Harmony program at no cost to all interested Latham Clinical Schools Network partners.

Created by Educators

Sanford Harmony was developed and researched by educators at the Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University (ASU). Researchers sought to identify practical methods for reducing relational conflicts in the classroom while increasing student confidence, relationship skills and academic excellence. Incorporating best practices developed through their research, they created a program to achieve these goals by teaching understanding and empathy through classroom discussions, stories, activities and lessons.

How It Works

Sanford Harmony strengthens social and emotional development in pre-K–6 children, building stronger classroom relationships so students learn to:

  • Communicate. Students learn relationship skills that promote self-confidence and respect.
  • Cooperate. Students work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.
  • Connect. Students develop an increased sense of connection with their peers.
  • Embrace diversity. Students learn to appreciate similarities and differences.
  • Resolve conflict. Students develop positive conflict resolution strategies that will last a lifetime.
  • Build healthy relationships. Students reduce stereotyping, teasing, harassment and bullying behaviors.

In addition to the forty-three Latham Clinical Schools Network Partnership School Districts, the ECU Sanford Harmony Collaborative is available to students in North Carolina public schools, private schools, public charters, Christian schools, counseling centers, preschool centers, after school programs, and organizations. Presently over 30,000 students are being served through the Harmony initiative.

To participate in Sanford Harmony, contact East Carolina University | Rural Education Institute | 1008 Bate Building | Mail Stop 504 | Greenville, NC 27858 USA | Phone: 252-328-5748| Fax: 252-328-4219 or email Trained professionals will work directly with you to introduce the program into the classroom, school or district and to provide training, teacher materials and ongoing program oversight, feedback and support.