The Rural Education Institute (REI) received $200,000 from Sanford Programs at National University

Sanford Philanthropy – The College of Education’s Rural Education Institute received $30,000 as initial seed money and $70,000 Direct pay from Sanford for travel to California for on-boarding and institutes, instructor pay, fees, and travel, and marketing and instruction design and materials support to offer Sanford Institute of Philanthropy training to all counties in Eastern NC in which our 43 school systems that are currently part of our Latham Clinical School Network reside. In addition to our school partners, REI will work to reach the community leaders and organizations in these counties that work with our school partners and the children and families they serve to help them become better fundraisers and philanthropists.

Sanford Inspire & Harmony — $100,000

REI Director, Dr. Kristen Cuthrell, is delighted that the Sanford has renewed their investment in Harmony and invested in Inspire at ECU. The development and support of both social-emotional curriculum resources (Harmony) and effective induction (Inspire) are identified as priority areas by the National Rural Education Association in rural states. The $100,000 grant will advance work in these priority areas across Eastern North Carolina. REI will expand Harmony while supporting new Inspire induction for rural educators in NC. NC has the 2nd largest rural student population and the 9th lowest per pupil spending in the US. School resources are limited and teacher turnover is high. Grant funds will support a Harmony Ambassador and an Inspire Coordinator. These personnel will continue our rapid expansion of Harmony, while working with districts in developing virtual simulation/Inspire induction packages utilizing Mursion – an immersive simulator that provides a safe place to practice classroom management and teaching techniques.  As the largest producer of educators in the state, ECU is well positioned to grow Harmony and deliver new Inspire resources with our extensive school district partnerships.