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Here Is A Great Resource for History Teachers

Map of Contemporaries is an excellent interactive visual that chronicles the history of the world through the lifespans of famous people. It provides a biographical  account of different... more

Chromebook Apps to Help You Integrate Game-based Learning in Your Class

Game-based learning is a pedagogical approach that involves the integration of games in learning activities. We have already extensively covered  this approach in previous posts which you can... more

Video Tutorials to Help Students with Math Homework

Patrick makes it super easy for anyone to learn math through a collection of useful video lessons. Patrick has been teaching math for 8 years at the university level. His website, Patrick JMT... more

Some of The Best Android Formative Apps for Teachers

Formative assessment as we have stated in multiple posts in the past is 'an evaluative approach that allows teachers to take quick snapshots of students learning in class. It’s an ongoing process... more

Social Studies Apps to Use with Middle School Students

Below is a collection of some useful iPad apps curated specifically for middle school students. These are apps students can use to learn and enrich their knowledge about a wide variety of topics... more

18 TED Ed Video Lessons Ideal for Social Studies Class

Below is a chart we published a few weeks ago featuring some interesting TED Ed lessons social studies teachers can use in class with their students.  These are video lessons created by teachers... more

Here Is An Interesting Digital Library for Learners with Reading Difficulties

Bookshare is a platform that provides access to a huge library of reading materials for people with physical disability or visual impairment. The library has over 500.000 titles covering different... more

6 Good Digital Textbook Sources for Teachers

In response to a couple of requests we received from our readers here in EdTech and Mlearning, we went ahead and curated for you the collection below. This is a list featuring some popular platforms... more

Turn Your Class Into A Virtual Science Lab With These Apps

The apps we curated for you today provide students with virtual labs where they can learn more on a wide variety of scientific phenomena. Using an inquiry-based learning approach, students will get... more

3 Good Lesson Planners for Teachers

After posting about lesson plan resources for teachers, we received a request from one of our readers asking about lesson planners, so we decided to share with you our favourite free tools for... more

12 Skill Building Math Games for Young Learners

Engagement enhances optimal learning and students learn best when they are actively immersed in collaborative hands-on activities. One way to get students engaged is through game-based learning. By... more

Useful Apps for University Students

As  a full time doctoral student, iPad is my number 1 companion. I use it for a wide variety of educational purposes but mainly for reading. I have been experimenting with various apps and the... more

Here Is A Collection of Some Good Google Drive Add-ons for Teachers

Add-ons empower Google Drive with a plethora of amazing functionalities that can make a huge difference in the way you use its services. There are also multiple add-ons specifically designed for... more

Tons of Free Math Textbooks for Teachers

This is a quick post to share with you this interesting resource we came across awhile ago. This is a collection of more than 60 free math textbooks, or what is conventionally known as open... more

Project Management Is for Everyone (Infographic)

Here is an infographic from the folks in Wrike featuring the results of a study they conducted with over 1400 workers to examine their work management processes. Surprisingly, the results show that... more

Some of The Best Science Apps for Young Learners

Here is an updated version of our popular list of educational science apps for young learners. Some of the things kids get to learn from these apps include: the functions of human body, learn core... more

Some Great Apps for Social Studies Teachers

Below is a collection of some very good apps to use in your social studies class. This collection is created and featured in iTunes App Store and features a number of key apps that we are publishing... more

5 Good Sources of Educational Video Content for Teachers

Here are some great resources where you can access and share educational video content. These are websites and YouTube channels that provide mind-illuminating content covering a wide spectrum of... more

3 Powerful Tools to Clip and Save Web Content

In today's post, we are sharing with you 5 excellent Chrome extensions you can use to clip and save web content right into any of the popular cloud storage platforms you use. In this way you will be... more

7 Good Collaborative Bookmarking Tools to Use with Students

The web is a treasure trove of interesting resources to use for a variety of educational purposes. To leverage the educational potential of the web and be able to make the best of it in your... more