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Some of The Best Guides to Help You Become A Better Visual Note Taker

Visuals have a strong appeal to our cognitive abilities. Our brains tend to quickly process visually represented information. We also seem to exhibit less difficulties when it comes to remembering... more

16 Handy iPad Tips for Teachers (2018 edition)

iPad has tons of awesome features that can help you make the best of this versatile tool in both your professional and personal life. In today’s post we are sharing this collection of iPad tips we... more

A Collection of Some Very Good Resume Templates for Teachers and Students

Resumes are key in showcasing one’s skills and abilities to prospective employers and as such they require scrupulous attention to details when designing them. The strength of a resume lies in two... more

5 Great Google Drive Extensions for Teachers

After we have seen how to use Google Drive to collaborate work among various participants, we are sharing with you this collection of handy Chrome extensions to use with your Google Drive. You can... more

5 Important Google Drive Collaborative Features Teachers Should Know about

Google Drive is in a continuous flux in terms of the functionalities and built-in features it offers to its users. A great deal of these features are especially useful for us in education. In this... more

Here Is An Excellent Chrome Extension for Teachers

Shortcuts for Google is a great Chrome extension you can use to easily access all of your favourite Google services from a ‘space-saving popup’. I have been using this extension for a while now and I... more

Here Is A Great Website to Create, Read and Share Digital Stories

StoryWeaver is an educational platform that draws on collaborative team work to develop ‘a rich digital repository of diverse children’s stories from Pratham Books.’ The purpose of this project is to... more

A Handy Infographic Featuring 19 Reading Resources for Teachers and Students

Below is an infographic we created for the post entitled 19 Educational Websites to Enhance Students Reading Skills. Due to its length we were unable to include it in the original post. Feel free to... more

19 Educational Websites to Enhance Students Reading Skills

Today's post features some of the best educational websites to help your students develop strong reading skills. They (websites) provide access to a treasure trove of resources, lessons plans,... more

5 Essential Features to Look for in A Good Plagiarism Checker

From a wide selection of online software to use in regard to plagiarism, Plagramme seems to be the best choice for a teacher, since it incorporates all the essential features required to find out if... more

Here Is A New Digital Curation Web Tool for Teachers and Students

Webjets is a new information management tool we discovered through a post by Larry Ferlazzo. Webjets provides you with an intuitive platform where you can collect, save and organize digital content.... more

12 Great Classroom Management Websites for Teachers

Looking for some educational websites to help you with the management of your class instruction? The list below has you covered. These are some some popular web tools we have reviewed in multiple... more

9 of The Best News Sources for Students and Young Learners

News reading is an important literacy practice that, among other things, helps students become responsible citizens, raises their critical media awareness, and connects them to the global world. News... more

Check Out These Educational iPad Apps- They Are Free Today

For this week’s Apps Gone Free series we curated for you this collection of interesting iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. This deal is available at least in the... more

5 Great Apps to Create Beautiful Visuals for Your Class

Integrating visuals in your instruction can help a lot with your students learning. Besides the cognitive fact that visually represented data is easily processed by the brain, there is also the fact... more

Some Excellent Apps to Create Classroom Quote Pictures

Starting your day with reading an inspirational quote can help lighten up your whole day and boost your motivation and overall moral. And if you are a teacher you might want to share these sources of... more

5 Important Math Apps for Students and Teachers

In today’s post we are sharing with you 5 math apps that are featured today in Apple’s New and Notable category in iTunes App Store. Some of you are probably already familiar with Photomath and Math... more

8 Gmail Tips Every Teacher Should Know about

Gmail has a number of powerful built-in features that allow you to do amazing things with your emails.  Several of these features are overlooked by teachers and educators. We know this from the... more

Here Is A Very Good Digital Library for Kids and Young Learners

Epic is a popular digital library for kids. It has been featured in Common Sense best EdTech of 2017. Epic provides access to thousands of high quality books, audiobooks, read-to-me books, and... more

6 Excellent Websites to Help Students Learn Coding

Coding is the sine qua non of success in a knowledge economy society. It has become a primordial skill in K-12 education and beyond. The pedagogical importance of coding, besides the technical part... more