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8 Strategies to Engage Digital Learners

Getting students engaged is not an easy task particularly in an age that is full of all kinds of distractions. Some argue that some of the habits that students have developed as a result of their... more

Some Great Resources for Free Online Courses

Today we are sharing with you three excellent websites that will help you find the best free online classes or MOOCs from top trending universities. You can lay back in your coach, search for the... more

Two Great Text to Speech Extensions to Use with Students

Below are two of the best text to speech apps out there. We have already reviewed these apps in previous posts and today we have them in one list for you to try and choose the one you like. These... more

Some Hepful Chromebook Tutorials for Teachers

Chromebooks are making gigantic inroads in the education sector. Several school districts here in Canada and the States are adopting them as teaching tools within classrooms. Their growing popularity... more

Cloud Anti-Spam Solutions For Your Website

The Arms Race Between Spammers And Anti-Spam ProductsIt is almost impossible nowadays to read through the comment sections of forums, blogs, discussion boards without being disturbed by numerous... more

Two Good iPad Apps to Enhance Kids Learning Skills

Below is a list of four iPad apps teachers and parents can use with kids to enhance their reading skills. These apps target different areas related to improving kids reading and literacy. They... more

Two Handy Google Drive Tools to Securely Sign Your Documents

There are several tools out there that claim to help users add electronic signature to their documents and PDFs but only a select few are really worth the try. We have been testing some of these... more

Some Good Chrome Apps to Annotate PDFs

PDFs (portable document formats) are probably the most popular document format we use in our daily work as teachers and educators. As such, we deemed it important that we share with you this list of... more

7 Ways Games Enhance Learning

If anything, video gaming provides researchers and cognitive scientists with a huge repository of raw data on the dynamics of learning. Watching and analyzing how people play games reveal a great... more

Tap Into The Educational Potential of Twitter with These EdTech Hashtags

Since its introduction a few years ago, hashtag has absolutely transformed the micro-blogging sphere allowing users to create communities around content. Twitter now is teeming with all kinds of... more

Tons of Free Coding Books

Coding is one of the most demanded skills in the 21st century learning. There is a growing need for teaching students the fundamentals of coding and computer programming not only because these are... more

A Collection of Educational Rubrics for Teachers

Rubrics are teachers' Swissknives. They can be used for a variety of purposes to achieve different educational goals. For instance, you can use them to make your grading easier and quicker, assess... more

4 Great Apps for Social Studies Teachers

Below are some useful Chrome apps we have curated from Chrome web store for social studies teachers. The post comes as response to the multiple requests we have been receiving over the last couple of... more

Here Is A Great Tool to Create Engaging Presentations and Animated Videos

In a post we published a few months ago, we talked about WeVideo and how teachers  use it to create videos and short animations in Google Drive. Today, we are introducing you to PowToon Edu,... more

4 Good Chrome Apps for Science Teachers

Today we spent sometime in Chrome web store sifting through the different educational extensions they have there and we ended up with the list below. These are some very good tools for Science... more

Compress PDF Effortlessly and In A Blink Of An Eye

Working with large and heavy PDF files is not an easy task both at home and at work. One has to possess incredible patience waiting for these files to download or get uploaded. Moreover, handling of... more

New Literacies- 10 Great Books for Teachers and Educators

The literacy landscape is rapidly evolving to the extent that we can no longer expect what it will be like in the next coming years. Regardless of the nomenclature, whether you call them new... more

Excellent Educational TED Talks to Watch with Your Kids

Looking for some TED talks to inspire young minds? The list below  contains some wonderful talks to watch with your kids. The talks highlight the importance of creative and imaginative thinking... more

Useful Google Safety Tips for Teachers and Parents

Below are some important resources from Google safety Centre to help parents keep their kids safe while browsing the online world. The resources include: online safety tips, how to find appropriate... more

Two Great Audio Recording Tools for Teachers and Students

In today’s post I am sharing with you two of the best simple web tools that you can use to record audio clips. These web-based applications do not require any software installation and you are not... more