Inside Higher Ed

Pranking the Academy

Thinking about the Third World Quarterly situation.

I Miss Teaching

Not teaching for the first time in 17 years and recognizing what I'm missing out on.

On Cutting Back and Finishing the Dissertation

Some advice about prioritizing.

Whatever Happened to French? And German? And Arabic?

Disappearing language departments.

The Paradox of Worry About Job-Taking Robots in an Environment of Labor Shortages

Could the big idea that has captured so much of our higher ed imagination actually be wrong?

Inclusivity Right From the Start

Incorporating inclusive language in the admissions process

Flagship Universities vs. World-Class Universities

Basically, all flagship universities are world-class universities, but not vice-versa. They are world-class universities with a heart, essentially.

How Big is the LMS Market?

Using Instructure’s revenues and market share to make an estimate.