Apr 242015
Columbia University sued by male student in ‘Carry that Weight’ rape case | The Washington Post

Last fall, Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz began carrying a mattress around campus — a protest, she said, of how the school handled her sexual assault complaint against a fellow student. She didn’t name her alleged assailant, but as Sulkowicz’s story and the image of her mattress went viral, his identity soon became obvious.

Apr 242015
The rich get richer in higher ed: 40 colleges hold two-thirds of the wealth, and growing | The Washington Post

Much of the recent discussion about income inequality in the U.S. has focused on the decline of the American middle class. What’s true in the overall economy seems to be the reality in higher education as well: The wealthiest colleges, both public and private, are pulling away from the rest of the herd financially.

Apr 232015
ECU’s paid attendance paying off | The Daily Reflector

East Carolina athletics director Jeff Compher said last week that the Pirates were in uncharted territory when they became the first American Athletic Conference school to plan to cover student-athletes’ full cost of attendance, a decision that softened the blow from the nation’s five most lucrative conferences announcing in June their plans to benefit student-athletes in addition to traditional scholarships.