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Prosecutor drops rape charges against former Indiana University student and, unusually, explains why | The Washington Post

Campus sexual assault activists have found their most recent poster case at Indiana University, the Midwest Big 10 school where a former Delta Tau Delta fraternity member last year was charged in two separate rapes that allegedly occurred on campus — one at his Greek house, the other at a sorority.

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ECU professor’s book offers terrifying look at how NC treated vulnerable children | The News & Observer

Karin Zipf’s “Bad Girls at Samarcand” is an enlightening book, but also a frightening one. It gives a terrifying look at the history of how the state of North Carolina has treated some of its most vulnerable children over the last century: those girls denied love at home, traumatized by incest and rape, living on the streets, or scorned for being somehow “different.”

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Op-Ed: College debt: To lower defaults, link federal funds to grad rates | The News & Observer

Limiting the growth of future debt requires taking preliminary steps, most urgently for nontraditional and nongraduating students at nonselective institutions without unduly impairing educational access. This category of debt is most pressing because most loan abuses – and ruinous consequences of default – seem to be concentrated here.

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