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How the University of California and other public schools use reserve funds to keep pace | The News & Observer

Public universities, accustomed to much tighter state funding than they enjoyed a generation or two ago, are racing to build endowments. But those funds typically carry significant donor restrictions. As a result, many public universities have hit on another strategy to keep pace with the elite of higher education: They amass financial reserves to ride out the fiscal ups and downs inherent in the public sector and generate as much revenue as possible for high-priority projects.

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Op-Ed: Conservative? Want to work at collaboratory? What you should know | The News & Observer

The campus in Chapel Hill is all in a tizzy over Sen. Phil Berger’s proposed N.C. Policy Collaboratory, whose intended mission is to inject academic thought diversity and economic considerations into the discussion of environmental policies. Since this initiative might result in some academics with conservative views showing up on campus, I feel responsible as one of the few Republicans on the faculty at UNC who have come out of the closet for providing guidance to potential new hires in how to communicate on a college campus.

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Op-Ed: NC Republicans hunting bigger game with UNC collaboratory | The News & Observer

The Republican leaders of the General Assembly have been collecting scientific scalps. They disciplined uppity scientists who predicted a politically unacceptable rise in sea levels and replaced a politically incorrect UNC president. Now they’re after bigger game. They’re demanding that UNC recruit more Republicans and create an alternative “environmental studies” department, a “collaboratory.” The aim is in the name; it is to pervert inquiry with politics.

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ITT College Chain Barred From Enrolling Students With U.S. Aid | The New York Times

The federal Department of Education imposed strict new rules on Thursday on one of the nation’s largest for-profit education companies, ITT Educational Services, barring it from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid and ordering it to pay $153 million to the department within 30 days to cover student refunds if its schools close down.

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