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Baylor Demotes President Kenneth Starr Over Handling of Sex Assault Cases | The New York Times

Kenneth W. Starr, the former independent counsel who delivered a report that served as the basis for President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, was removed as president of Baylor University on Thursday after an investigation found the university mishandled accusations of sexual assault against football players.

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Bodies Given to N.Y.U. Ended Up in Mass Graves, Despite Donors’ Wishes | The New York Times

One died in her multimillion-dollar apartment. Another left $1.3 million to charity. A third was an opera costume designer who took regular trips to Europe with his devoted partner. All three donated their bodies to medical science, and eventually served as cadavers for first-year medical students at the New York University School of Medicine. All three had signed forms that promised cremation and the disposal of their ashes by the medical school “in an appropriate and dignified manner.”

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The Ken Starr-Baylor story shows how religious schools struggle to deal with sex assault | The Washington Post

Reports that Baylor University’s board of regents had voted to fire former Bill Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr due to his handling of a sex assault scandal rocketed around political circles Tuesday, but the allegations were equally big for a different reason: Baylor is the world’s largest Baptist university.

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Fewer students lead to ‘more personal’ classes | The Daily Reflector

East Carolina University’s campus may be a lot less crowded with the end of the regular academic year, but there still are plenty of students around.

According to ECU News Services, there are 9,872 students enrolled for the first summer session, which started May 16. Most of those, about 73.8 percent, are undergraduate students.

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U-Md. investigates police use of pepper spray to break up graduation party after complaints of racism — The Washington Post

The University of Maryland’s president promised a complete and transparent investigation of whether campus police used excessive force in breaking up a graduation party made up mostly of black students over the weekend, after officers used pepper spray and arrested two people to disperse a crowd celebrating graduation in College Park.

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U.S. Colleges’ Bounty of Foreign Students Thins — Wall Street Journal

U.S. colleges have lured a wave of foreign students in recent years to boost tuition revenue and offset state budget cuts. The influx of students paying two to three times what locals do has brought controversy, with some Americans complaining that slots for U.S. students are becoming harder to get, while some of the international students, particularly from Muslim countries, can face a hostile reception.

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One year after shark bites, questions remain | Star News Online

Last summer North Carolina became the epicenter of global shark anxiety after bites along its coast. Eight people reported bites throughout the season and in June in Oak Island a 16-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl each lost an arm. Scientists and reporters from here to Australia scratched their heads over what could be stirring the sharks.

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