Article/Book Reviews and Research

Female Circumcision in Kenya By Cecelia Horvick

Religion and Feminism- Ceres #5

Sophia- Symbol Of Christian and Feminist Wisdom- Ceres #4

Feminism and Christianity- Questions and Answers in the Third Wave – Ceres #3

Gender-Bender God- Masculine Or Feminine – Ceres #2

Interview with Fiorenza – Ceres #1

Charity or Entitlement – Brandi Bragg

The Mask You Live In Op-Ed – Brandi Bragg

Article Review 5-Thea

Battling domestic violence – Thomas Hennessey #2

Our Babies, Ourselves Review

The Sex Trade in North Carolina

The Role of Religion among Sex Workers in Thailand – Jordan Rollins

Sex Workers and Cultural Policy – Jordan Rollins

Government on Female Management Article Review 4

aticle review 5 Unveiling Feminism Anas Askar

Think Again: Prostitution: Jordan Rollins

Article Review – Gold Digger (final) – B. Bragg – Article #4

 review 4 visible through the veil Anas Askar

Davy-Trafficking in Thailand

Welfare Queen Review – B. Bragg -Article #3

Questioning Absent Father Theory OP-ED2 MJG

Female Circumcision_Human Rights or Cultural Imperialism MG6

Female Genital Cutting Ethical and Legal Dimensions MG5

Female Circumcision_Female Genital Mutilation MG4

Gender and Feminism in Online Games (Wade: final)

Glass Escalator Article Review 3

Reading the other women article review 3 Anas Askar

Op-Ed #1 – Brandi Bragg

Hijab as Icon article review 2 Anas Askar

Human Trafficking OP-ED MJG


Article Review 1 – Gender – Religion and the Rainbow Struggle -B. Bragg

Women Like Non-Stereotypical Video Games (Wade: Final)

Is FC a Maladaptive Cultural Pattern MG

Dimensions and Debates of FC in Africa MG

Confronting the Situation of Women In FC communities MG

Female Managers

Global Contexts and the Veil article review 1 Anas Askar

Leave Policies Anglophone Countries

Prostitution in Thailand

Gender in the workplace

The Effects of Sexualizing Women in Video Games (Wade: Final)

Two Spirit Article Review

Pierre Bourdieu: an Analysis of Gilded Age Capital

The North American Berdache

Now hiring: The Feminization of Work in the United States

Latino Homophobia


Big Tobacco Takes Aim at LGBT Youths

Gendered Bodies

HIV and Men Who Have Sex with Men in South Africa

Household Division of Labor

Stephen Cory Banks: Cordery


Interpreting Female Genital Cutting- Moving Beyond the Impasse.

Seeking Safer Sexual Spaces

Amicus Briefs

Understanding Human Trafficking in the United States

The Third Gender of the Inuit

1.1 Pearce Rev

Review of Eisler’s book, The Chalice and the Blade, by Claire Fletcher

AIDS in African American Community. Guillaume Bagal

Stigma, Social Risk, and Health Policy: Public Attitudes Toward HIV. Guillaume Bagal

The Masculinity of the Governator: Muscle and Compassion in American Politics. Guillaume Bagal

They Don’t Want To Cruise Your Type: Gay Men of Color and the Racial Politics of Exclusion. Guillaume Bagal

The Interaction of Drag Queens and Gay Men in Public and Private Spaces. Guillaume Bagal

Drag Queens and Kings by Rupp et al. Discrimination in the LGBT community. Guillaume Bagal

Review of Hough article, “Loss in Childbearing among Gambia’s Kanyalengs” by Melanie Hamilton

Review of Faludi’s “American Electra: Feminism’s Ritual Matricide.” by Jennifer O’Neill

Review of Nujood Ali’s book, “I am Nujood” by Kim Fleming

Review of Kim et al. article, “Impact of Microfinance-Based Intervention on Women’s Empowerment and the Reduction of Intimate Partner Violence in South Africa.” by Lenna Jones

Review of Lamb’s, White Saris and Sweet Mangoes: Aging, Gender and the Body in North India. Rachel Girmus

Review of Yen’s article, “A New Approach to Eradicating Sex Trafficking by Reducing Male Demand,” by Laura Johnson

Review of Somaly Mam’s Road of Lost Innocence by Mindi Seeman

Review of Green’s article, “The Call to Diviner Mediumship in Southern Africa” by Leila McInnis

Israeli Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Gender Roles: a review by Jessica Anderson

Soh, C. Sarah. 2001. “Japan’s Responsibility toward Comfort Women Survivors.” JPRI Working Paper No. 77. University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim, by Hyun Woo Kim

Premature Obituaries: How Can We Tell If the Women’s Movement Is Over? by Hyun Woo Kim

Son preferences in India. Ronnie Miller

Child preferences on contraceptive use in rural Bangladesh. Ronnie Miller

Prenatal Sex Determination and Sex-Selective Abortion in Rural Central China. Ronnie Miller

Daughter devaluation and the missing women phenomenon in South Asia and the UK. Ronnie Miller

Parental Preferences for Sex of Children in Canada. Ronnie Miller

Parental gender preferences in advanced societies: Lessons from Sweden and Finland. Ronnie Miller

Sex preferences for children and childbearing behavior in the Nordic countries. Ronnie Miller

Fertility and son preference in Korea. Ronnie Miller

Female board members as glass ceiling tokens?  Stephen Terry

Baptist Ministers Blocking Placement of Clergywomen Stephen Terry

Women contributing to glass ceiling attitudes?  Stephen Terry

Coping methods used by Christian women married to homosexual men Stephen Terry

Homosexual Christians Continue to Resist Heteronormative Doctrine Stephen Terry

Homosexuality perservering through structural repression Stephen Terry

Evidence for the neurology of homosexuality. Stephen Terry

Article Review on Protestant reactions to Homosexuality Stephen Terry