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The History Chicks

Hello everyone,

I found a fun podcast on iTunes called The History Chicks.  It’s a series run by two women discussing various female historical figures, and from what I gathered so far it seems to try to portray them in a more objective light (or at least to shed some light on them). There’s only been one podcast so far, and it is about Marie Antionette.  If you can’t access podcasts you can go to their website: and listen to the discussions there.

It’s not really about women’s health or human rights, but I thought it was interesting.


Women taking on a traditional men’s role among the Lakota

This article discusses a group of women who started a drum society in order to help heal women. Drumming is traditionally a male-dominated role which has led to controversy among the Native Americans in the area. Because of taking on a traditional men’s role, these women have been ostracized and even banished from some powwows. However, these women are not trying to usurp the role or men, they are merely trying to heal their fellow women.  – Leila McInnis