Monthly Archives: February 2011

Title IX Violation

The University of California at Berkeley could fail to meet the Title IX standards after it eliminated five varsity teams last fall, because of state aid cuts.  The university dropped women’s lacrosse and gymnastics.  In order for the university to meet the standards they will have to add 50 spots for women in existing athletic programs and they will have to drop 80 spots for men, or they will have to reinstate the women’s teams.  This situation that brought up the history of Cal as having repeated offensives against gender equality in sports; for example, the university had to settle a lawsuit with a former administrator in 2007 who complained about the treatment of women in the athletic department.

Ronnie Miller

Afghan Proposal Would Clamp Down on Women’s Shelters

See this article in the New York Times today: women and girls who flee to a shelter could have to defend their decision before a government panel, and could be sent back home to an honor killing, domestic violence, or other uncertain fate. Does this remind our class of some practices we read about in the book Half the Sky?

Susan Pearce