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BPAS in the UK fighting to allow women to complete treatment for early abortions at home

Abortion has been legal in the United Kingdom since 1967. One of the ways they provide early abortions (before nine weeks) is through a pill. Women take one at the clinic then return to the clinic twenty-four to forty-eight hours later to take four more pills. The miscarriage typically begins four to six hours after taking that last dose. According to the Abortion Act, an treatment to terminate a pregnancy must be preformed by a registered medical practitioner but the British Pregnancy Advisory Service argues that women should be allowed to take this final dose at home because some of them have long trips to get to clinics and worry about their miscarriage starting while on public transport. The High Court is set to rule on this issue on February 14th. – Leila McInnis

An update on this. The High Court ruled Monday that that women cannot take the final dose at home that they must continue to take it at a clinic.

Italian Prime Minister’s Sex Scandal

A movement against the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy has been created, because he is being accused of paying for sex with an underage girl.  Protests have developed in 60 towns and cities worldwide.  The protests have been mainly women but also men have showed up in support.  The movement views the Prime Ministers act as being demeaning to women.  The movement wants the Prime Minister to resign.

Ronnie Miller