Monthly Archives: February 2011

Email from Planned Parenthood on upcoming House Vote

This is an email from Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She announces once again that the House is voting to end Title X funding and cut off women from “their only source of primary care.” She goes on to explain how this act would impact millions of women, and leave them vulnerable to many health issues such as undiagnosed cancer, unattended pregnancies… She explains that Title X provide funding for birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other lifesaving care for people who can’t afford it. Be sure to read the comments, especially those posted by Gopher Broke, a passionate conservative to put it lightly. Read full letter from Cecile Richards

-Guillaume Bagal

New “Gay Anthem”

Hey guys and girls,

Apparently, there’s a song out by Lady Gaga that constitutes a new “gay anthem.”  The song’s called “Born This Way,” and seems to be in support of GLBT issues in a more direct way the”I Am Beautiful” of Christina Aguilera fame.  Most interesting about this to me is that, if I’m not mistaken (those of you who know me are aware that I’m not exactly up on pop culture), Lady Gaga is actually relatively popular in mainstream society, and as such, she might be capable of contributing to the reshaping of the attitudes of a certain sub-population of the country (teens maybe?); it’d be interesting to see if some “on-the-fence” individuals actually look up to this celebrity enough to embrace a more open-minded approach to the LGBT community.  I’m not very optimistic that adamant LGBT opposition will automatically reverse their opinions (regardless of how much they love Lady Gaga!), but maybe such a song serve to establish some ally-ship with the LGBT community.

I mean, I’ve known individuals who did everything in their power to emulate rap stars (everything from clothing and slang right up to political views), maybe Lady Gaga could have a similar effect with regard to facilitating a more accepting public gay image.



In Tokyo, a Crackdown on Sexual Images of Minors

In Japan, illustrated books containing erotic content and featuring young girls is worth $5.5 billion of the manga book industry. While some publishers argue that it would be a restriction of creativity, Tokyo’s governor is spearheading an ordinance to place tighter restrictions on how girls are depicted, as many of the recent works would be considered in other countries to be child pornography.

The spokesman for the Japanese Committee for Unicef expressed concern that the trend of depicting underage girls in the nude and/or in provacative situations is affecting social norms:“To a degree, it has become socially accepted to lust over young girls in Japan…Condoning these works has meant more people have access to them and develop an interest in young girls.”

Supporters of the industry have argued back thus: “Depicting a crime and committing one are two different things; it’s like convicting a mystery writer for murder.”

What do you think? If the depictions of underage girls as young as six in sexual situations has the potential to encourage legitimate crimes like pedophilia, would this argument be enough for you to reverse the ordinance if you were in the position to make such a decision?