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17 Victims Sue Pentagon Over ‘Plague’ of Sexual Violence

See this brave group of women who are suing the Pentagon over a culture that seems to condone or cover up rape and sexual harrassment:

17 Victims Sue Pentagon Over ‘Plague’ of Sexual Violence

Within the text is this: “The lawsuit cited the Pentagon’s own statistics that reported 3,230 rapes and other sexual assaults in 2009. Because the military acknowledges that 80 percent of victims don’t report the crime, the real number may be more than 16,000.”

I have a question about this. We have been learning more about how rape is used as a weapon of war in situations of ethnic cleansing as well as by soldiers who know that it can strike fear in a whole community and therefore give them control. Can we do a thought experiment to link this strategy to the use of sexual assault within a military establishment to control its women soldiers / employees?   — Susan Pearce

(in case you missed it) CBS News’ Lara Logan sexually assaulted in Egypt

Although this happened 5 days ago, some of you would perhaps like to read the statement CBS posted regarding the attack on Lara Logan. What happened to her is extremely unfortunate to say the least. I find it very encouraging that she was rescued by a group of women, in addition to the 20 some Egyptian police officers. Read the full statement on NPR.

-Guillaume Bagal

Women’s Shelters under Attack in Afghanistan

Women’s shelters in Afghanistan are run by foreign and Afghan charities, but the government is planning to take control of them.  When the government takes control of them women will be required to have medical examinations monthly, they will have to wear headscarfs at all times, they cannot leave the grounds of the safe house without permission to visit relatives, they will be rejected entry to the shelter if their families want them back or if they are going to marry her away.  Human Rights Watch stated that conservatives in the government did not like the shelters because it provides women with some autonomy from abusive husbands and family members.

Ronnie Miller