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Boy Refuses To Wrestle Girl in State Championships

Hey everyone,

I was just listening to HLN news when this story came on about a boy who refused to wrestle a girl at  state championships. This is the video to the story link that gives an overview of the story, I apologize that I can’t find the link to the story I saw and what the reporters on HLN said. There are two things about this story that are disturbing to me. One is that the people at the wrestling match booed at the girl when she was named the winner of the match. The other is what two of the women reporters said after the story. At the end of this story there was a discussion by two women and a man on this story. The most significant comment made by one of the women was that in a time that women are getting more active in sports, she doesn’t believe women should wrestle. Another comment made by the other woman was that she was happy that the boy was showing his strong morals. What are these two women thinking? I understand that everyone has their own opinion on a matter such as this, but in the case of female athletes and whether they should or shouldn’t participate in a sport, I would hope that any negative comments, by the reportersof all people, should be left out completely. It makes me very sad that it was the two women who were either praising the boy or in my mind reprimanding the girl. What the reporters failed to mention was the had work of the female athlete and the strength and determination it takes to get to state champions in the first place. I saw a different video of this topic and it didn’t say much about her at all. It was praising the boy that didn’t wrestle her. If I am able to find the story I saw tonight in the future I will add it to this post.

-Jessica Wagoner