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Secular argument against gay marriage

Hey everyone,

I’ve heard several positions from the religious community regarding opposition to gay marriage.  I’ve heard that “marriage is supposed to be between a man and a women,” “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” “it’s just unnatural,” etc.  However, I haven’t really heard much secular arguments on the issue, and I was curious as to what that defense might actually be.

I came across this page, however, claiming a secular argument.  It would appear that the primary position represented therein revolves around procreation; gay marriages cannot produce children, and therefore, should not be allowed.

I would argue, however, that homosexual relationships could actually serve as a non-violent means of population control.  I just saw a news article the other day mentioning that in 40 years, Earth’s population has the potential to jump from 7 billion to 9 billion; that’s 2 BILLION extra people in 40 years!  The article mentioned that such a population boom can result in all sorts of problems, primarily stemming from lack of adequate food and/or resources.

Procreation (or at least the presence of procreation), I would therefore hold, is not exactly an issue.  Rather, too much procreation is, and it would seem logical to me that if you feel that homosexual marriages might stunt birth rate, then great, allow them!  If we actually are facing such a huge population surge, why not encourage marriages that might reduce procreation, and thereby offer a means of population control that just prevents children from being born, rather than one that kills them afterward (such as would be the case in an global food shortage resulting from overpopulation)?

Just thought I’d share.