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Shift in Marriage Ideal Does Not Equal Shift from Traditional Gendered Ones

Feminist author Jessica Valenti discusses how the American woman is still being subjected to a unequal division of labor in the home – after the birth of a child. She cites how in recent years, American couples are increasingly marrying for “love” as opposed to “traditional reasons” and may have egalitarian marriages, until they become parents. Once they have a child it seems that the traditional gender roles seem to rear their ugly heads once more, leaving the woman the lions share of the labor at home – in addition to being discriminated against in the workplace (even more so now as a mother – the U.S. being the only industrialized country without paid maternity leave). These sobering facts and more are presented in a sardonic humor typical of Valenti, leaving us with an important piece of information with the appropriate aftertaste of the ridiculousness of these issues that for some reason still plague women into the 21st century. -Lenna Jones

Rape victim was ‘inviting’ so perpetrator let off without jail any time–rape-victim-inviting-so-no-jail-116801578.html

In Manitoba, Canada recently, a convicted rapist was brought to court again for raping a young woman. He was let off with only a curfew and a letter of apology because the girl was wearing a tube top, high heels, makeup, and had been drinking. The judge said the man acted in an inconsiderate manner after receiving signals from the girl that “sex was in the air”. – Leila McInnis