Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sexual Harrasmant in Egypt

There have been many changes in the Egyptian street along with the revolution; however, there was one change that occurred as soon as the revolution started, and that is the decrease of sexual harassment in public gatherings (e.g. through groping of course).  Sarah Ismail-a protester-explains how in protests, demonstrations, and similar gatherings, women had to prepare for by dressing in baggy clothes and sticking around in groups.  Fortunately, they didn’t worry about that problem in the Jan 25th revolution.  Harassment through groping or stalking by phone and following on the streets has been an increasing problem the past two or three years.

Afghan’s Widows

There are an estimated 2 million widows in Afghanistan because of war that ends up killing their husbands.  Women are also widowed because of low life expectancy and early marriage that leave women widowed in their 20s and 30s.  When women in Afghanistan who become widows do not come out into public spaces, so a unit of military women has formed in order to help widows start businesses and get jobs.  The female military unit has formed because the Afghan widows cannot talk to the male military soldiers.  Communities have been suspicions of the motives of the female military units, but there have been some success; for example, a woman named Saragama is being trained to become a police officer that will give her more money than working as a cleaner.  The military is hoping that by empowering women that Afghanistan will become a more stable country.

Ronnie Miller