US Supreme Court backs Colorado baker’s gay wedding cake snub


Personally, I feel that businesses, regardless of the goods or services provided, should be able to make decisions about whom to serve/service based on their own religious beliefs. I think that this couple chose to elevate this issue way beyond what was necessary, if you don’t like a business owner and their beliefs – why do you even want to give them your business? Perhaps I am looking at this situation from too much of a simplified point of view, but I think that it’s as simple as the signs you see on businesses everyday: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” If business can turn people away because of what they are wearing, why should they not be able to refuse service to someone based on their strongly held religious beliefs?

As this has been a huge topic of discussion lately and I just wanted to see what others thought about it. Do you agree with the ruling? Why or why not?


  • simmonslo16

    It’s interesting that you include “regardless of the goods or services provided” in your first sentence. I saw a tweet a few days ago that describes a lady’s fears in regards to this issue.

    Link to tweet:

    It’s important to consider what other forms of discrimination this ruling paves the way for. Does this mean a doctor can refuse his/her services to a sick person due to the patient’s sexual orientation? What about teachers, can they refuse to teach a student because their religious views oppose homosexuality? This is about much more than a wedding cake. Sometimes it won’t simply be a matter of taking your business elsewhere. It could literally be life or death.

  • basske17

    I think the couple should have a found another baker. I agree with the ruling because it was based on religious beliefs. People refuse people’s business for certain things. The baker lost out on money by refusing to make this cake. So I don’t understand what the real issue is. We don’t believe in the same things. I don’t see the point of suing. I feel like people are just after people’s money for no reason.

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