Why isn’t FIFA holding Russia accountable for their heinous crimes against those identifying as LGBTQ?


FIFA is the international governing body of association football, futsal, and beach soccer and every four years they organize an international soccer tournament with different host country. This year’s world cup is being played in Russia. The problem with this is that just last year in the Chechen republic, apart of the Russian Federation, it was reported that over 100 men were abducted, killed, and told to identify other men who may be gay in what was called a “gay purge”. LAST YEAR. The article above states that in 2014 when Brazil was the host country for the world cup they successfully lobbied congress to allow beer into the stadiums. Is the presence of Budweiser at events more important than the presence of fans who may be LGBTQ? FIFA has shown themselves capable of advocacy, why are they quiet now?

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