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“Limits on Birth Control Pills May be Costly”

In what I’m sure will be shocking news to all, decreasing ease-of-access to contraceptives for women increases un-wanted pregnancies, and ipso facto leads to more abortions. Though this study only draws a strong correlation, and isn’t without faults, it still shocks me that such data might come as a surprise to anyone.

Also of interest as noted in this piece, is the disparity of availability between different classes of low-income women.

~Kim Fleming

Women Have a Right to Talk About….Everything

Here’s an interesting piece from NPR host Michel Martin.  Using the example of a letter of complaint recently received from a listener, she briefly addresses a problem many women still struggle with on a daily basis: The idea that what men say, think, do or find interesting in is inherently interesting to everyone, while what women say, think, do or find interesting is inherently not of interest to a larger public audience (i.e. one that includes men.)

These sort of issues, though “less important” than many of the more dire and pressing issues Martin mentions, are really of great interest to me. As a fairly privileged, white, American woman who came of age in the 1990s I have been lucky to escape relatively unscathed by many of the uglier faces of misogyny. Nonetheless I’ve definitely struggled with the persistence of the  many ways my culture, and even the most progressive of my close friends and family, often fall into the trap of thinking that what women say or do is less interesting, or less mainstream that what men say or do. And I’m not even into fashion.

Is this something that is getting better? How do you address it in your experiences?

~Kim Fleming

Why We Should Let Little Girls Get Dirty

OK, so that’s a silly headline, so is the headline for the actual article. But I just read this and thought it had some interesting ideas. While I think the hygiene hypothesis has been around and generally accepted for quite a while,  it really doesn’t seem that anyone has linked it to different consequences for different individuals, depending on their gendered socialization. I certainly think it’s interesting given how common knowledge it is that women suffer auto-immune disorders more than men, but so little is understood about why. -Kim Fleming

Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make them Sick