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US Supreme Court backs Colorado baker’s gay wedding cake snub


Personally, I feel that businesses, regardless of the goods or services provided, should be able to make decisions about whom to serve/service based on their own religious beliefs. I think that this couple chose to elevate this issue way beyond what was necessary, if you don’t like a business owner and their beliefs – why do you even want to give them your business? Perhaps I am looking at this situation from too much of a simplified point of view, but I think that it’s as simple as the signs you see on businesses everyday: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” If business can turn people away because of what they are wearing, why should they not be able to refuse service to someone based on their strongly held religious beliefs?

As this has been a huge topic of discussion lately and I just wanted to see what others thought about it. Do you agree with the ruling? Why or why not?

Title IX should be an effective tool in the fight against school violence


I know that piece is almost like an advertisement requesting support of Title IX, but I feel as though it hits on an interesting point: the importance of addressing violence against women at an early age.

As I have expressed before, my thoughts on the need of society to reevaluate how children are socialized into the status quo of gender stratification and gender-based violence, the author of this short article is broaching this idea similarly. As data she references in her articles shows a strong correlation (54%) between school shootings and gender-based violence, I find it hard to ignore the statistics are hard to ignore.

Do you think that gender-based violence could be stifled by earlier acknowledgement and perhaps better management of violence among children?

After CNN report, lawmakers want answers from Uber, Lyft on sexual assaults


Although I have only ever taken an uber once or twice, this article struck me pretty hard – knowing that my mother and many other women I know regularly utilizes the ride sharing app. It seems to me that there should be a fairly rigorous interviewing process to become a driver for any of the ride sharing companies, seeing that the most common reason people I know that use the app is to ensure a designated driver (of sorts) and safe passage home after an evening out. The fact that these drivers are taking advantage of women at their most vulnerable points, when they are paying for a service that is intended to ensure their safety, is beyond disgusting.

How many of you regularly use apps such as uber? Do you know anyone that has been taken advantage of in these types of situations?