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US Supreme Court backs Colorado baker’s gay wedding cake snub


Personally, I feel that businesses, regardless of the goods or services provided, should be able to make decisions about whom to serve/service based on their own religious beliefs. I think that this couple chose to elevate this issue way beyond what was necessary, if you don’t like a business owner and their beliefs – why do you even want to give them your business? Perhaps I am looking at this situation from too much of a simplified point of view, but I think that it’s as simple as the signs you see on businesses everyday: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” If business can turn people away because of what they are wearing, why should they not be able to refuse service to someone based on their strongly held religious beliefs?

As this has been a huge topic of discussion lately and I just wanted to see what others thought about it. Do you agree with the ruling? Why or why not?

After CNN report, lawmakers want answers from Uber, Lyft on sexual assaults


Although I have only ever taken an uber once or twice, this article struck me pretty hard – knowing that my mother and many other women I know regularly utilizes the ride sharing app. It seems to me that there should be a fairly rigorous interviewing process to become a driver for any of the ride sharing companies, seeing that the most common reason people I know that use the app is to ensure a designated driver (of sorts) and safe passage home after an evening out. The fact that these drivers are taking advantage of women at their most vulnerable points, when they are paying for a service that is intended to ensure their safety, is beyond disgusting.

How many of you regularly use apps such as uber? Do you know anyone that has been taken advantage of in these types of situations?

Why violence against women in film is not the same as violence against men


Have you ever watched a movie and noticed the significant difference in violence against the woman versus the man? In this article, it talks about how women are overly sexualized when it comes to violent acts against them. Not only are women being killed or hurt in films, but a lot of the times it has some sort of sexual tendency towards it. A perfect example of this is the beginning of the movie “Halloween”. As the little boy is stabbing his sister to death, she does not have on any clothes and is almost sexually moaning as she is dying. As gruesome as that sounds, it is integrated into our society to not really notice these things. When I first watched Halloween, I did not notice that at all, but watching the scene again, after reading this article was mind blowing. And it is not just horror movies that portrays women different in violent, it’s just about everything. Comedy, thrillers, etc. To add onto how men are portrayed with violence, it shows that they can never be hurt, and that they are too strong to feel general pain. The media only shows what the society wants, and it creates this idea that leads to violence in general.

Royal Wedding?

Ok guys, this topic really irritates me. I have seen so many news channels and media coverage for the royal wedding that leaves me feeling like, “Am I suppose to care?”. In my theories class this past fall we had to present a current event of our interest to the class, which would start a conversation amongst the whole class. Me being me, I choose to cover the topic of sex trafficking and slavery that was happening in Libya currently. Once I finished my spiel on how migrants were leaving parts of Africa headed towards Europe just to get captured crossing the Mediterranean Sea and sold into modern day slavery, I expected the class to be willing to engage in dialogue. Wishful thinking. Instead, the person after me switched the topic to the royal engagement, and wanted to talk about how Megan was a biracial. Considering that topic was apart of pop culture, almost the whole classroom was engaged. Get a grip guys! The royal family does not care about! We need to be more concerned about the innocent people who are being forced into slavery than a royal racist family!

How Hollywood views Washington Women

This video from Washington Post illustrates how trough the media the role of the women has been stereotyped in different ways. In this case the reflexion is how although some productions of Hollywood or tv series recognize that women can get positions of power in politics, their characters have to face challenges that men don’t, which is the result of the fact that most of these productions are written by men.

As we discussed in class, I think that the media exert a powerful influence on society especially in relation to the perpetuation of gender stereotypes and that is why I believe that even more laws are being created to advocate for women’s rights, while cultural changes do not occur and these are reflected in the media, it is very difficult to eradicate gender inequality.

Ivanka Trump trying to cover up president Trump’s misogyny..

I found this article particularly interesting that a woman of high standing to cover up and claim that her own father is a feminist. I found that a little laughable that should could state that even though it is of her father. For the man that claimed “grabbing pussies” was okay; that even though he is one to walk into female dressing rooms, she claims he is for female rights and equality. It is fine even great if Ivanka was actually a feminist and was using her clothing line to show it, but to say that if women avoid it that they aren’t true feminist. As a feminist myself, I fully support her to be an entrepreneur but not if it is to help cover up her father’s very visible misogyny, is disgusting.

“Inspiring Women”: Mattel’s Release of New Barbies

Mattel has announce the release of three new Barbies available for purchase as a part of their series “Inspiring Women.” These new dolls are created to look like Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, and Katherine Johnson. The anticipated release of these dolls is beneficial because it continues to recognize the accomplishments of women as well as takes more steps towards positive inclusion in popular culture. As we progress as a society, it is important to maintain diversity and support positive inclusion of minority groups within popular culture. What are your thoughts on these dolls? Do you believe that Mattel has taken the appropriate steps into becoming a more inclusive corporation? How can other corporations that contribute to popular culture also become more inclusive?


LINK to article for more information.

Using Privilege for Good

The topic centered around equal pay has been a long lasting debate. It is no secret that women get paid less than men. This same logic applies in the land of the rich and famous, Hollywood. If you are a women of color, you earn even less than white women. Many actresses have been vocal about this issue, but not much has been done to correct the problem. Depending on your status in Hollywood and other factors, it will determine if people will listen to you. Actress Jessica Chastain, a white woman, has been vary vocal about the pay gap that occurs in Hollywood. From her friend and former co-star actress Octavia Spencer, a black woman, she learned about the pay gap between white women and women of color. She was saddened and decided to do take a stand against this issue. Chastain found out that in a movie her and Spencer are due to star in that there was a major pay gap between the two. Chastain decided to tie her contact with Spencer and asked for a larger salary. In the end, she helped influence and increase Spencer’s salary five times than her original salary. Chastain used her privilege to help someone’s voice be heard. I think what she did was amazing. Using your privilege to help others is something people should do. I think that more and more, people are realizing the type of power they have and are trying to channel it through good avenues.

What are your thoughts?

-Haita Toure

Due Process and the #MeToo Movement

Article: Why the #MeToo Movement Should be Ready for a Backlash

While I fully support the women and men speaking out in support of the #metoo movement, I think that this article makes some valid points. Due process is an essential facet of American society. It is important that in the mist of believing the accusations made by victims of sexual harassment or assault (which we should until proven false!) that we do not lose sight of giving those who have been accused the rights that have been afforded to them in the US constitution, otherwise we run the risk of the movement losing the respect that it so deserves. At the same time, it is important that there is a process to ensure proceedings are followed through on college campuses, in the workplace, and in the structure of the US government itself. Clearly, there is a thin line between treating victims with validation and trust, while also giving the accused an avenue to protest inaccurate accusations. However, let me be clear. There is no excuse that men did not know or understand what should be considered inappropriate or predatory behavior.


How should we balance such a touchy topic?


-Marah Barrow

Return Of Kings

I’m sure many of you know who Sophia Bush is, the actress that starred as Brooke Davis on the hit show One Tree Hill. Today on Twitter, she posted a link to an article about the Return of Kings. With us having discussed rape in todays class, I felt compelled to share the link with the rest of you.

The Return Of Kings is a community of men who “aim to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men”. You can read their full list of “community beliefs” here.

I personally don’t agree with any of their beliefs, but they have gained a lot of momentum this past year and have set out to recruit even more “masculine men” on February 6, 2016. They have managed to organize 165 meetings in 43 different countries, and are open to requests for hosting in cities not listed. I am aware of a few feminist groups that are planning to show up at the intended meeting locations hoping to bring public awareness to the controversial “pro-rape” and “anti-women” rhetoric. While these beliefs might not be threatening when privately practiced, this group continually publishes their beliefs online in hopes of expanding their followers.

Here is a list of a few posts:

8 Things That Make A Girl Stupid And Useless

Why You Should Avoid Women Who Claim Rape At All Costs

5 Simple Steps For Not Getting Raped

Women Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

I focused more on the group’s beliefs toward women, but the Return Of Kings have equally degrading posts about anything that does not meet their heterosexual male criteria.

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