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How Silicon Valley Came to Be a Land of ‘Bros’


Silicon Valley has been considered at the national and international level as the ideal place to work, but this interview shows that behind that economic emporium with astronomical salaries there is a hostile environment and systematic discrimination against women.

Emily Chang, the author of the book “Brotopia”, which was launched the previous week, has generated a controversy for everything her research in the technology industry has unveiled. Chang interviewed several women who work in Silicon Valley and found that discrimination against them occurs not only at the salary level, but because they are inferior in number compared to men, they are pressured to participate in the “social culture” of the industry that includes, among other things, sex parties and invitations to strip clubs and bondage clubs in the middle of the day.

This situation, which is unacceptable from any point of view, again highlights the macho paradigm that prevails in most economic industries in which women are not valued for their talent and abilities but continue to be seen as sexual objects.

The author concludes with a very interesting reflection. She says: “Silicon Valley is controlling what we see, what we read, how we shop, how we communicate, how we relate to each other. This is not just tech’s problem. This is society’s problem. This is the industry that is having a greater influence on humanity than perhaps any other. And the same industry that changed the world can change this behavior”. What do you think?


Monica Calderón

Pregnant Woman Jailed for Attempting Suicide

I’m beginning to think that I need to post more light-hearted and uplifting articles on this blog!  But, continuing in my (depressing) habits, here is an article about a pregnant Illinois woman who attempted suicide after her boyfriend and business partner left her after she found out he had another family.  Distraught, she drank rat poison in an attempt to end her life, which instead ended the life of her unborn child.  So, of course, the state of Illinois has put her in jail.

Aside from her tragic story, what struck me most about this piece is the frequency with which this sort of thing happens.  Apparently, “Women have been prosecuted for child abuse or feticide when they miscarry; pregnant women who are addicted to drugs have been charged with trafficking drugs to minors; and pregnant women have been forced to deliver via cesarean section under court order. Some states also require doctors to report if a pregnant woman is taking drugs — a law which sounds reasonable on its face, until you think through the logical outcome: Women who are addicted to drugs just won’t seek medical care, which means they won’t get treatment for their addictions and won’t get basic pre-natal care” (Jill from Feministe).

What it boils down to is: pregnant women are being treated differently by the law than non-pregnant women or men.  The author of the article points out, people aren’t prosecuted for attempted suicide, but a woman who tries to kill herself but kills her baby instead is locked up instead of being offered mental health treatment or counseling, forcing yet more trauma upon her without any regard for her well-being.  It is obvious that the poor woman in the article has suffered terribly, and wants only to try to rebuild her life, but she is being punished anyway.

Please follow the link below to  the entire story.