ECU Construction Blog (opinion)

By Peyton Land

East Carolina University is undergoing a major construction and renovation project and that is no secret to anyone on campus. The project started in the early stages of 2016 and it will take at least three years to complete the $122.2 million construction job. Here is a link to an article about the initial plans for the project:


The project’s cost is one thing, but there has been a steady uproar from students in the past year about parking mostly, and rightfully so. The eye-soar that is this project has taken away a lot of student parking for the past year, which has been talked about by students since the project began.  First, the students are going to be the one’s paying for this, and current students at that.


Here is an article that was done by WITN that just gives and overview of the project:


Another one done by WNCT:


It just seems absurd to me increasingly as the project continues, that students that are attending the school now are paying for this project, and most of which will not get to see the finished project. It’s just baffling to me.


I suppose that since the project is getting further along, we as students are constantly reminded of the progress. For example, I commute every day to campus. I usually park in the Minges lower lot because that’s where I can find ample parking, and about two weeks ago my normal route to class was interrupted with even more fences that I call eye-soars. It’s not a big deal, really, because I can find an alternate route to class, but it made me sit back and think for a second.


I never imagined that during my senior year that I would have to look at this construction and the process of it. It just doesn’t look good.


Me being a communication student, I live in the Joyner East building, and like a lot of ECU students, I frequent the library quite a bit.


Yesterday, I was on the second floor of the library and just happened to glance out of the window that was beside me. I just looked out and saw, and heard all the construction that was going on, and it made me just think how beautiful this campus is during the spring.  Oh, and just how ugly this construction is to me personally.


I know that when the construction is all done that it will be nice and pristine and will attract a lot of new students, but right now I just wish that I didn’t have constantly look at these ugly fences around this beautiful campus.