3rd Word Tech

Recently I have stumbled upon some cool creations used to advance both the standard of living and the well being of those surving in third world countries. The two that stood out to me was a device that not only made river water pure but was done so at a cheap price and a urine powered generator.

In this article you can see the specifications of the Urine Powered Generator. The effect this could have on a village is hardly computable. With a sustainable affordable energy source villages will not only be able to survive but also it would provide ample rooms of growth. Though it is to be said that this isn’t an instant awnser if you were to only skim the article you could see some major flaws in the development. The fact that it was made by four fourteen year old girls only adds to the skepticism of the article. Still it is a cool read and also an idea of how third world countries could advance.

However this article provides to a more detremental need in a safe and professional manner the life straw gives clean water to those who couldnt before obtain it. If you have the time it is well worth the read and also it comes with a short video on how it works and the pricing.

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