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Advocates for Youth logoWe are proud to be partnering with Advocates for Youth on their Project for Teachers of Sexuality Education. Advocates for Youth is a Washington D.C.-based, national nonprofit with over 35 years experience supporting school districts around sexual health education. Advocates recognizes young people’s rights to honest sexual health education; accessible, confidential, and affordable sexual health services; and the resources and opportunities necessary to create sexual health equity for all youth.

Advocates for Youth conducted a small research study in partnership with the University of Central Florida in Spring 2017 to test the effectiveness of teacher training using the Mursion virtual classroom versus traditional in-person methods. We found statistically significant results from the teachers who used Mursion to rehearse skills with the student avatars compared to the teachers in traditional in-person workshops. Leveraging this exciting result, and in partnership with East Carolina University’s exciting work with the Mursion virtual classroom, we are now offering a wide range of core skills and scenarios all related to being an effective teacher of sexual health education with students K-12.

Spring 2018 Field Testing

There are five steps involved with participating in this phase of our project. Please make sure to read each step through carefully to ensure the project requirements will work for your schedule and available time.

Step 1

Schedule a date/time for your one-hour block with the Mursion classroom simulator through the Mursion@ECU scheduler. Please note that you MUST watch a 3-5 minute video prior to your time in the simulator. A link to this video will be sent in the email confirming the date/time you’ve .

Step 2

Select your desired scenario from the list of options below. Please read each scenario carefully to make sure the grade level, topic and activity work for you. To the left of each scenario description, you will see an image, if you click on the image, a video will open that will give you further information about the topic.

Step 3

The DAY OF your experience with the Mursion classroom simulator, you will receive an email that morning as well as an hour prior to your scheduled date/time as a reminder. Prior to your experience, you MUST WATCH the video that appears on the Advocates for Youth scenario page. Just click on the image that appears with the description.

Step 4

Using the link provided in the confirmation email, at the appointed date/time log into the Mursion classroom. You will be met by one of our Instructional Coaches who will first check your technological connection to ensure you can see/hear everything easily. They will then review and confirm the scenario and assignment you have selected. Next they will show you a short video in which each of the student avatars introduce themselves, so you can become familiar with your virtual students. Then you will begin the interaction with the opportunity to pause at any time, receive feedback from the Instructional Coach and re-start. Your time in the virtual classroom will likely be between 20-30 minutes total.

Step 5

Once you are done with the simulation, the Instructional Coach will send you a link to the final survey so we can gather your feedback on the entire experience. Be sure to complete and submit your survey, within 72 hours.

For any questions or more information, please contact Nora Gelperin, M.Ed., Director of Sexuality Education & Training, Advocates for Youth at

Meet the Mursion Middle School Class You’ll be Teaching