5th Year Anniversary

Volume 5 – Number 8
April 16 – 30, 2014
ISSN 2155-9813 & OCLC 643344343

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  1. NOD will be launching 2 new initiatives in the summer of 2014

    Continuing our 5th anniversary celebration, the editors of NOD are proud and excited to be launching 2 new initiatives this summer. Both endeavors will capitalize on the rich content and technological features of NOD. The roll out for both will be free to all registered users of NOD (click here if you haven’t registered yet and want to have free access).

  2. NOD announces integration with the East Carolina University Nephrology Fellowship Program

    Continuing our 5th anniversary celebration, NOD is proud to announce an fully-integrated partnership with the ECU Nephrology Fellowship program.

    In the coming months, NOD content will be merged with the teaching initiatives of the ECU Nephrology Fellowship program to produce a unified complementary and integrated teaching instrument. Stay tuned for detailed information as we begin this exciting educational merger.

  3. NOD revitalizes academic partnership with F1000 Research

    To celebrate our 5th year anniversary, NOD has revitalized its academic partnership with F1000 Research. Young investigators, registered with NOD, will continue to receive 50% off all article processing charges for submissions (including retrospective and original investigations, large or small). Take advantage of NOD Peer Reviews and 50% off APCs with an increasingly visible open access biomedical journal.

    If you are already a registered NOD user, stay tuned for emails providing the discount code.

    If you’d like to become a registered NOD user, click here.


  1. 2014 Evidence-based Recommendations for BP Management in Adults

    A behind-the-scenes look at the development and rationale behind JNC 8.

    [click here]

  2. IgA Nephropathy and a review of the new classification system

    A review of IgA Nephropathy and the latest classification systems used.

    [click here]

  3. Guest Lecture Series: The Cardiorenal syndrome: A Cardiologist’s Perspective

    See how cardiologist’s view the cardiorenal syndrome and compare/contrast to your understanding of this increasingly common condition.

    [click here]

  4. Annual International Pediatric Nephrology Fellows Conference

    Blog from the 6th Annual International Pediatric Nephrology Fellows Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    None for this issue.