Tuscarora Homecoming 2015

Three Centuries after North Carolina’s Tuscarora War
New Bern, NC
23-26 July 2015

The Tuscarora War from 1711 to 1715 was a major turning point in both Tuscarora and North Carolina history. The Tuscarora Nation and its peoples were severed from their thousand year habitation and homeland on the coastal plains of what is now eastern North Carolina. As Tuscarora survivors scattered across North Carolina and a major body of the Nation migrated northward to rejoin other Iroquois nations, European settlers—Swiss, German, French, and English—moved onto the lands and up along the streams where evidences of Tuscarora history and culture can still be examined and understood three hundred years later. The Tuscarora Homecoming in New Bern in 2015 is designed to expand those studies through genealogy, historical research, commemorations, and the gathering of descendants of those people affected by the most important transforming event in North Carolina’s colonial history.

The Tuscarora Homecoming of 2015 builds upon the Nooherooka Commemoration of 2013 with an expanded collaboration between and among the Family History Society of Eastern North Carolina, Tryon Palace and Gardens, the New Bern Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Tuscarora Nation, and East Carolina University. Many other individuals in New Bern, Grifton (Pitt County), Indianwoods (Bertie County), Snow Hill (Greene County), and Philadelphia, PA, have contributed their time, talents, and energies as well to this event a reality.

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