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ECU Football players encourage a youth football team

On October 17th, 3 ECU football players, Chris Baker, Reggie Bullock, and Emanuel Davis, visited the Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, NC to speak with the church’s youth football team. Chris, Reggie, and Emanuel sat and watched film with the team and provided advise and insight on their performance. After the film session, they each spoke and gave encouraging speeches about the importance of hard work, discipline, respecting your coaches, and teamwork.

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Football Film Night

Pirates Party Smart this Wednesday (10/26)

The Office of Student Development is having their 3rd Student-Athlete Affairs workshop,”Pirates Party Smart” tomorrow, Wednesday (10/26) at 7:00 in Ward 237. The event will be dedicated to drug and alcohol awareness and will take multiple approaches to addressing the topic. Ms. Georgia Childs, of ECU Campus Wellness will address health related issues and Sgt. Stephanie Carnevale, of the ECU Police Department, will discuss judicial and safety related issues pertaining to drugs and alcohol. In addition, Bob Morphet of the Counseling Center will address substance abuse and Peter Romary, the Director of Student Legal Services will touch on legal aspects. The workshop will count towards the personal development portion of the Student Development Award for the 2011-2012 academic year and is open to all student-athletes. 

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