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Tammy Lee and Close Encounters of the Amphibious Kind

MSITE Science educator, Tammy Lee, has authored an article, Close Encounters of the Amphibious Kind: Frog Calls across Ponds and across Disciplines. This article has been published this month (February) in Science and Children. The articles details a half-day 5E lesson integrating two of the disciplinary core ideas (DCI) from the Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS): physical science (PS4-A) and life science (LS2.D) within an informal science environment (summer science camp). These two DCIs were integrated to demonstrate how science disciplines work together within the natural world. In the real world, science disciplines do not exist in isolation (NRC, 2012). The integration of science concepts was demonstrated by exploring how animals use sound to communicate messages (life science), with students using vibrating materials (physical science) to mimic these animal calls (sounds). Then as an extension, students played a game (non-laboratory experience) to illustrate how “being a part of group helps animals obtain food, defend themselves, and cope with changes” (NGSS,2013).

Descriptive Astronomy Students Stargaze in Ayden

astronomy photo 2Two nights this November, Bonnie Glass’ Descriptive Astronomy students ventured to Ayden to view the night sky at A Time for Science. Nancy and John Bray set up telescopes, shared stories behind the constellations, and discussed ways these pre-service teachers could use these tales to integrate language and science. They explored other activities appropriate for teaching Earth-Space Systems and learned how A Time for Science could be a field trip destination for their future science students. Students were photographed by the Pitt County Chamber of Commerce and may be included in their annual brochure in the highlight on local STEM activities.
Some of these same students, Tim Maynard, Eddie Enoch and Amanda Myer, returned to volunteer their time at A Time for Science. These students led groups of 3rd graders from Sam Bundy Elementary School as they built straw rockets. They were joined by students from Mrs. Glass’ SCIE 3216, Jenny Hodgin, Alisha Spivey and Kristen Snyder. Thanks to all these students for serving the community in this way. They were great ambassadors for ECU and the Science Education program!

Family Science Night in Local School -A Blast From the Past!

Elementary Science Concentration students within the Informal Science Course this semester designed and implemented a Family Science Night for Eastern Elementary School in Pitt County.  On November 14th, Elementary Science Concentration students held a Family Science Night entitled, A Blast from the Past, in which activities focused on contributions of scientists which have impacted our world.  Examples of stations consisted of Neil Degrasse Tyson, famous astrophysicist, demonstrating discoveries of new planets through exploring a virtual telescope, Alexander Graham Bell, making and using telephones (demonstrating how sound travels), and Issac Newton, second law of motion (F=ma), using tarps to explore how much force is needed to pull students across the gym floor.  Students and parents rotated through 9 stations that evening learning of various scientists and their contributions to science.  It was a very successful night with over 140 participants (students and parents) joining us for a night of science.

Science Education Club Hosts Guest Speakers

The Science Education Club held its second meeting November 4, 2013. Guest Speakers Cheryl Olmsted, Assistant Superintendent of Pitt County Schools, and Seth Brown, Teacher Support Staff of Pitt County Schools, discussed key information about applying for jobs, the interview process, and your first year of teaching. Lots of resources and helpful tips were provided.

The next Science Education Club meeting will be held December 2, 2013 in Flanagan 312 from 7-8pm. We have an awesome lineup of guest speakers to share information, and the Leadership Team will discuss some important things happening within the club.
Please join us and help celebrate the end of the semester. Sweets and treats will be provided in lure of the holiday season.

Dr. Miles Goes to Press Again, Again and Again


Dr. Miles, despite her busy teaching schedule, has 3 articles coming out in the later half of 2013.  They are as follows:

Miles, R.,& Ran,R.,& Dotson K.(2013). Perceptions of Diversity in Higher
Education, The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 61:2, 74-82.
Brown, B.; Parsons, E.; Miles, R.; & Henderson, J.B. (2013) Exploring The Alignment of Black Scientists with the American Scientific Community: Does Race Still Matter? Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 19(2), 95-120.

Miles, R., Slagter Van Tryon, P. & Moore, F. (in press). Mathematics and Science Teachers Professional Development with Local Businesses to Introduce Middle and High School Students to Opportunities in STEM Careers, The Science Educator.

New Faculty Member Stays Busy This Fall

New faculty member, Dr. Carmen Woodhall, stays busy this fall with teaching, publishing articles, and presenting at conferences. Below are the details if you want to keep up with Dr. Woodhall!

She is teaching:

SCIE 3216 Teaching Science in the Elementary School (F)
SCIE 6320 Advanced Methods of Assessment in Science Education (F)
SCIE 6310 Advanced Methods in Science Teaching and Learning (F)

She is writing:

Article —Woodhall, C. & Zygouris-Coe, V. (2013). An Exploratory Study of Science Teachers’ Instructional Challenges and Disciplinary Literacy. American Reading Forum Yearbook.

She is presenting:

State Conference – Florida Reading Conference – Orlando, FL – Sept 27, 2013. Disciplinary Literacy and the Common Core State Standards in Secondary Science Classrooms – Dr. Vicki Zygouris-Coe and Dr. Carmen Woodhall

Regional Conference – National Science Teachers Association Area Conference (NSTA) – Charlotte, NC – Disciplinary Literacy, the NGSS, and Common Core in Secondary Science Classrooms – Dr. Carmen Woodhall

National Conference – 2013 American Reading Forum – Sanibel, FL – Dec 12, 2013, 2:45 – 4:00. Secondary Science Teachers, Literacy and Professional Development – paper presentation

NC Science Festival Needs Presenters!

The NC Science Festival (March 28-April 13, 2014) is now accepting applications from teachers and administrators for our 2014 K-12 programs! Applications will be accepted through November 1, and decisions will be made by mid-November. Visit our website at to get started.

The Festival is offering the following programs:

Elementary Schools – Folt Science Nights
The Festival is giving away 75 science kits that will help you host a fun family science night. Kits include planning guide, 12 hands-on activities and materials for up to 200 participants. Kits are free of charge for new schools.

Middle Schools – Invite-A-Scientist
The Festival recruits dynamic and dedicated scientists and experts to share their excitement about STEM with students in NC’s middle school classes. Each visit is geared to inspire your students to consider science as a career and to understand how science impacts our lives. We provide the expert, lessons and planning support, free of charge for 50 schools.

High Schools – Science Spotlight
New for 2014, the Festival has developed curriculum to get high school students thinking about two hot topics in science: nuclear energy and fracking. Students will also have the unique opportunity to continue the discussion online with a Festival-paired expert in the field. We provide the expert, lessons and planning support, free of charge for 25 schools in this pilot program.

If you have any questions about these programs or other Science Festival events, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Marissa Hartzler
Statewide Programs Coordinator
NC Science Festival
March 28 – April 13, 2014

The Science Education Club is back in full blast!

The first meeting was held September 30, 2013 and the room was full with education majors. Thirty students attended the meeting and several science instructors and faculty were present too! Guest Speaker, Blair Driver, discussed information about NCSTA (North Carolina Science Teacher Association), and the benefits of joining as a student. Brochures were passed out about how to enroll in NCSTA. Blair Driver is the District 1 representative for NCSTA and is a middle school science teacher in Pitt County. Dr. Collins from the ECU STEM Center shared information about the center and how students can utilize the resources available at the center in their practicum experiences. The Science Education Club elected 3 representatives for the Leadership Team: Beth Wantz (elementary grades major), Tierra Moore (middle grades major), and Jessica Linkletter (secondary grades major).
The next meeting will be held October 28, 2013 in Flanagan 312 from 7-8pm. The guest speaker will be Cheryl Olmsted, Assistant Superintendent of Pitt County Schools.

Summer Science Camp is Amazing!

IMG_1709 IMG_1698You may see a lot of children in the classrooms around the Flanagan Building this summer. This is the location for the ECU Summer Science Camp. This camp is open to students in elementary and middle school. During the students’ time at this week-long day camp, they learn how fun science really is! ECU’s dedicated students and staff organize activities each day that engage and inspire a spirit of continual learning. From discovering how to build a rocket ship out of straws and paper to learning the anatomy of animals, students explore the many facets of science and its impact on their everyday lives.