Why Accessibility Matters — Why We Should Care

Why We Should Care

Ever wonder why anyone should care about making the web accessible?  To me that question is always secondary in post-secondary education.  The first question everyone asks is “Are we in compliance?”  This video explains the Why of Web Accessibility.

Summary of the 1st Video:

In these entertaining and informative video David Bergman shares people with disabilities face obstacles when using the internet.  He argues that the world wide web is a place for liberating people, not containing them.  He goes into 5 arguments for building an accessible internet.

  1.  So many people are no online and the importance that everyone on planet earth have access, including those with disabilities.
  2.   SEO – Search engine optimization, as bots are the main users of web content — so the bots need access to everything, and they can’t hear or see.
  3.  Giving access to everyone allows HR to develop more talent.
  4.   The social argument that societies who treat their disabled well are the best societies to level
  5.  He shows how the regulatory reason is the weakest, though that may be why many people are working toward improving their web presence and its accessibility.

These video are recent, and are up on YouTube.

Watch the Whole Series:


  1.  Why We Should Care
  2.   Now is the Perfect time
  3.   Difficulties and Technologies, avoiding tradeoffs
  4.   Assistive Technologies Drive Innovation