Downloading and Installing ReadNWrite (Read and Write)

Downloading and Installing ReadNWrite (Read and Write)


ITCS is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources. ECU provides ReadNWrite as an accessibility tool, or assistive technology. This is a free download for all ECU staff, faculty and students.


Download Process


Open up a web browser and type in the URL for East Carolina University.

Then type in the search box: DOWNLOAD CENTER, and click the search icon.

search box
Next click the link: downloads.ecu.edudlwonload center link

You may be asked to log into the site:


Enter you user name  and your password, then click the OK button.

first login screen

You may immediately be asked to have your browser to remember that password and id. You can choose whether to or not.  Or skip it by click the x for password question

Afterwards, scroll down until you find the listing for Read and Write


Click the link to the right of Read and Write in the long list.

access software

Next you will be given three choices, so choose the one you need. We choose the Windows version of the software.

click to download


You may need to sign into a server with your credentials, again. This requires you type in your user id and password.


next login

Next, you will be asked whether to open or save the file, we suggest opening the file:

choose open

Once you click on the radio button next to Open with, you can then click the OK button. The software will then open up a window such as this:


Double click the Setup.exe file, and the software will begin to install on your system.

You will initially see this:

start install screen

And as it loads, a green bar will appear across the bottom, and eventually look like this:end of install

The process is complete, when you see the ReadNWrite icon on your desktop like this:

read n write icon


Note: the process of installing on the Macintosh will be different.