Girl invents her own improved walker

Girl iinvents walkerSometimes it make sense to write a blog piece, and other times it makes sense to send one directly to the source of a story. We recently read in the Boston Globe’s website about this amazing 9- year-old  girl, named Sadie,  who had invented a better walker.  Just to stay on our point that disability isn’t always a bad thing.

You see problems that arise in life can sometimes create wonderful solutions. Not that Disability is a welcome friend, but rather the challenges of disability make many people turn their attention to solutions.

So we suggest you learn more about the young girl from New Hampshire who helped create the “Amazing Curb Climber when she found her mobility was impeded by curbs. The 9-year-old’s contraption won first place for” best use of a wheel” at her elementary school’s Invention Convention.

Video Corner:

The Amazing Curb Climber Video Clip

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