Free Text-to-Speech with OneNote enhancement download

As expected many of the ordinary computer technologies we use for everyday tasks are encountering a crossover from the accessibility world. This transformative direction of AT (assistive technology)  is normalizing accessibility features.  Such is the case with Microsoft  OneNote.  You just have to download the learning tools.

If you don’t know what OneNote is.

Microsoft’s OneNote has emerged as one of the most powerful note-taking apps available for any platform. OneNote is great for typing and handwriting notes, clipping web pages, and generally organizing your various content in one location that can be accessed from anywhere.

But by adding Learning Tools to One Note, you all of a sudden have a means to listen to text you have store within OneNote. This text to speech feature is also significant in that is helps individuals with print disabilities to comprehend text better.  Much like ReadNWrite, Wynn, and Kurzweil Reader, assistive technologies which are used frequently in educational institutions like universities, community colleges  and high schools.

Learning Tools Features:

Immersive reader feature in OneNote adds text to speech and additional functionality for those who need assistance in their reading. Especially good for ESL students and those with learning disabilities

Insert Graphic

I have marked up this image to show you where these features are.

Immersive reader snapshoot featuring the clickable areas.

Adds the following:

The red circle on the above image represents the tools for adjusting (1) text size, (2) text spacing and (3) the reading background and foreground.




















The green circle is for adjusting the way the reader appears to read text, adding coloration for nouns, verbs and adjectives, or a break of the words into syllables, all to improve student’s reading comprehension will the immersive read reads content.

















The blue circle is for adjustments to the reading voice.


Video for those of you who are visual learners.

About the Voices

Beginning with Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft Anna is the default and only English voice. It is a SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface) 5-only voice. However TTS (Text to Speech) engines compatible with SAPI 5 version voices are available from third parties. You can use your favorite search engine to browse for one such.

Here is a thread you might be interested in.

Add TTS Voice To Windows 7 and Set AS Default

Or you read the Microsoft file for “How to Download Text-to-Speech languages for Windows.”  The file covers Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and mentions Windows system 7.

No Guarantees for Third Party Downloads

Note: We cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Third Party Software can be solved. Using Third Party Software is at your own risk.  Microsoft Anna should be on your Windows machine already.

Additional Languages offered by Microsoft include the Following:

Language (Region) Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Name Gender
Chinese (Hong Kong) Y N Tracy Female
Chinese (Taiwan) Y Y Hanhan Female
Chinese (People’s Republic of China) Y Y Huihui Female
English (United States) Y Y Zira Female
English (United States) Y Y David Male
English (Great Britain) Y Y Hazel Female
English (India) Y N Heera Female
French (France) Y Y Hortense Female
German (Germany) Y Y Hedda Female
Italian (Italy) Y N Elsa Female
Japanese (Japan) Y Y Haruka Female
Korean (Korea) Y Y Heami Female
Polish (Poland) Y N Paulina Female
Portuguese (Brazil) Y N Maria Female
Russian (Russia) Y N Irina Female
Spanish (Mexico) Y N Sabina Female
Spanish (Spain) Y Y Helena Female




Video Demonstration

If you want to learn more watch this video by Fred Lee, as it does an excellent job of demonstrating OneNote Learning Tools on YouTube.



* This tool is designed as a text to speech improvement for those with sight. Those using screen reading software can use their assistive technology to read within OneNote.