Blackboard Ally Step by Step — Step 1 Alt Tags

Ally iconStep 1

This is a training for how to use Blackboard Ally as a tool for remediation of course content. Blackboard Ally provides a gauge that demonstrates whether a file is accessible for all users. The score will reflect the level of access in the document. When you click on the gauge, you can see the score and you can also see what items need to be fixed.

shows three colored gauges red green and goldThe Green gauge shows that you have a good file. If the score is between 66 and 100% you should see this next to each of your files. That is the goal. (note color contrast is often a factor)

When you see a red gauge, you know that the file is poor. The score will be between zero and 33%. If it has the phrase “this is a picture PDF” then you are starting from scratch.

The gold gauge shows that your file is mediocre. Scores between 34% and 65%. There are obvious issues that need to be fixed in your file. But at least not starting from zero.

shows score for accessibilityIf you click on the gauge, on the right-hand side you will then see at the top your score. You will also see a link to all the issues that were found in your file (below).

shows panel telling use of what needs to be fixed

Underneath you will be given information about the first issue. In this case it was that images in the document did not have alternative text to represent them. Ally will mark in the document each image that needs alternative text with a bright red box with stripes. As you can see below:

shows image of skull and cross bones with ECY purple and gold pirate's hat

You see that there is this button that says “what this means” you can click on that and it will tell you what it means to be missing an alt tag. Then below it you’ll see “how to add descriptions” which will give you information about how to repair that. In this case we are looking at a Word document. Basically, you would right click on the

pword box for adding alt texticture in Microsoft Word, and then click the selection edit alt tag (see video).   Ally wants you to fix that issue and then go on to the next issue.  The score adjusts in all from 27% to 48%.

Step 2