Blackboard Ally Step By Step — Step 2 Headings

Ally iconStep Two is Headings

Orange gauge at 48% with need to fix headings

When you click the “What this means”  you see:

A ‘heading’ isn’t always a heading

Do not only use visual appearance such as text size, bold or underline to mimic a heading. Always use the program’s native heading styles to ensure headings are properly marked as headings.

In order to fix headings you need to know about Word Styles.  It is easy to repair, once you go to the original document and build in the headings there.  You will be given information for how to do this in Word and in Writer for LibreOffice, but you can also add headings in InDesign.™

First you are going to select the text of the heading.  Set the font and style (i.e., Time Roman, bold face, green color, etc.).  Move to the Home Ribbon and select styles area.  Find the level of heading you chose.  Right click that and select “Update Heading to Match Selection.” (see video).

Home ribbios selected with Styles in focus

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